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The Evening Post: Animal Awareness

Tonight I wanted to share this great video from Gone to the Snow Dogs.  In a parody of the Gotye song Somebody That I Used to Know; this video brings awareness to animal shelters across the country.  This song called Some Owner That I Used to Know shows the reasons why you should not abandon a pet at an animal shelter.  Dogs, cats and other pets are part of a family.  And you should never abuse your pets or abandon them!  I know this is a huge problem in the state of Alabama.  This video also brings up awareness of pets at shelters.  Consider adopting a pet at your local animal shelter!

And in Alabama we have a great organization to help protect the welfare of animals.  The Alabama Voters for Responsible Animal Legislation is working to bring better laws to protect animals in Alabama.  For more information on AVRAL go to:  Enjoy the video below!