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BevNerd at the Alabama Phoenix Festival.

I have been meeting to write this post for a while.  But I want to talk about a website and video podcast you all should be following.  These folks from BevNerd really do know their stuff in the world of food and drinks.  They do various reviews of things such as sandwiches, cereals, snack foods, sodas, craft beers, healthy foods and drinks, and more.  Plus you will see behind the scenes videos and interviews from people who make the food and drinks you enjoy all the time.  Here is their latest video reviewing the Hawaiian Pork and Slaw sandwich from Firehouse Subs.

Jason Coleman and Justin Smith have been doing this for a long time now and they have great tasting skills and review products very well.  I encourage all of you blog readers to head on over to and take a look at what they do.  And if you have a Tumblr blog you can follow them easily by clicking the follow tab at the top of the page.  The BevNerd video filming is moving to Dragon Quills Comics in downtown Gadsden and they are branching out with new segments such as The Cereal Nerd and Jbear vs. Craft Beer.  One of my favorite video podcasts has got to be the tour of Bud’s Best Cookies.  It’s making me hungry right now!

Follow BevNerd on Facebook at and on Twitter @BevNerd.  The best way to keep up with the latest video podcasts is by going to or