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Business Review: Bogo Fireworks

We are now in the heat of the summer time down here in Alabama.  And the 4th of July holiday is always associated with fireworks.  It’s almost UN-American not to shoot off or watch fireworks on July 4th.  And here in NE Alabama we have a local business that only specializes in fireworks.  And the best part; everything is buy one get one free!  The business is called Bogo Fireworks and they have locations in Gadsden, Childersburg, and in Oxford.  And on Saturday I went to the Oxford location where Steve Stevens from 97.9 WVOK was broadcasting live.

Bogo Fireworks has all the fireworks you can think of.  They have all of the giant fireworks that shoot off those amazing displays to those small bottle rockets.  They pretty much have everything!

As you can see; they have a wide variety of fireworks to choose from.  You can mix and match from the small stuff to the big stuff.  Or you can choose the variety packs that has a little bit of everything.  And of course you can get two variety packs since everything is buy one get one free.

Bogo Fireworks also has very good prices.  Their prices are very competitive to the other firework stores.  Plus you will save money since you get more bang for your buck!  You think you know what you will get but once you leave Bogo Fireworks you will wind up with more than you were planning to get.  While I was there I saw several people carrying out a huge amount of fireworks to their cars.  Many people holds a tradition on the 4th of July and on New Year‘s to shoot off fireworks.  And Bogo Fireworks makes it very easy to get your fireworks.

Also everything is clearly marked with prices and the reminder that everything is buy one get one free.  If you shoot off fireworks at home stop by Bogo Fireworks.  They have three locations in this area.  The Oxford location is on Hwy 78 West, pass Oxford Middle School (look for our 30 foot inflatable bulldog).  In Gadsden, they are on Rainbow Drive across from Logan’s Roadhouse.  In Childersburg, they are located on Hwy 280 in the middle of town.  For more information on Bogo Fireworks go to: