Coldwater Mountain Bike Trails

On Friday I went to the press conference for the opening of the Coldwater Mountain Bike Trails.  This area is part of the Alabama Forever Wild Land Holdings.  Which was passed by the legislature to set aside lands across Alabama for public use.  And the people from Forever Wild urged voters in Alabama to pass an amendment for the program to continue this November.  So please vote YES on the Forever Wild amendment this November.

The Coldwater Mountain Bike Trails opened to around 11 miles of bike trails on Friday.  But there are many more trails and miles planned very soon.  All of the bike trails are built by volunteers and the trails are well constructed.  Anniston has been put on the map because of these new trails.  During the press conference; someone mentioned anyone from New York City could board the Amtrak train in the afternoon and be in Anniston the next morning and be 10 blocks from what will be 80 miles of bike trails.

The economic impact of the bike trails is going to be huge!  The bike trails are only a few miles from Interstate 20 and that will attract many people.  Plus with 80 miles of bike trails planned.  People will have to eat, shop, and maybe even stay in a hotel.  That will mean lots of tax revenue for Anniston and Oxford.  And with eventual completion of the Chief Ladiga trail to downtown Anniston.  The Anniston/Oxford area can become one of the biggest eco-tourism areas in the entire country!  Enjoy the pictures of the road up to the trail-head and pictures of the press conference.