Shape Up! – Week 20

This is week twenty in my series of Shape Up!  The weekly post on what I did over the last week in my quest to getting healthier.

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Well last weekend was fun at the Alabama Phoenix Festival.  I saw lots of great things and talked to lots of great people as well.  If you have missed any of the Alabama Phoenix Festival posts just look under the category here on the blog.  Otherwise the rest of the week features your normal trying to find a job again.  Yes I am getting close to the one year mark of being out of work.  If I do not find a job by the July 4th holiday I will be celebrating my one year anniversary of being unemployed.  That is something I do not want to celebrate.  I wonder if trying to find my 14th job in 6 1/2 years is hurting things?

As I am writing this I am enjoying some sugar-free fruit pops.  These things are good and since we are in Summer time now I want something that will cool me down.  I don’t do very well during the Summer months.  During the times that I have done jobs outdoors such as being a dockhand things have not gone very well.  I still hold the record for dropping the most gas caps into the water.  And when a boat gas cap drops into the water; it sinks!  Plus I still hold another record for ruining the most boat seats when detailing boats.  I do not do well when it’s hot and humid outside.  That means the walking I do is done very early in the morning!

Everyone should know who Dr. Mehmet Oz is.  He is the doctor who hosts his own daytime talk show.  But he also gives out some great tips.  Here is a video from a apperance on Fox and Friends.  He shows everyone what belly fat really looks like.  And he gives some tips to stay at a healthy weight.

Here is what I ate in the last week:

Saturday: Cheeseburger, fires, tacos, Mexican rice, sweet tea.

Sunday: Chicken sandwich, fries, hotpockets, sweet tea.

Monday: Yogurt, chicken and dumplings, sweet tea, fruit bar.

Tuesday: Yogurt, bagel, grilled chicken, brown rice, sweet tea, fruit bar.

Wednesday: Yogurt, bagel, popcorn, ham steak, brown rice, sweet tea, fruit bar.

Thursday: Yogurt, bagel, popcorn, hotpockets, sweet tea, fruit bar.

Friday: Yogurt, bagel, popcorn, small pizza, sweet tea, fruit bar.

Have a good week everyone!