Another Useless Job Fair

Update:  Hey I crossed the 20,000 reader mark on Geek Alabama.  Thanks for reading!

Yesterday me and my mom went to downtown Birmingham in the rain to a job fair at The Parthenon Conference Center.  The job fair had some good employers but here was the problem.  The room was packed and it was a free for all.

Some people at the job fair were acting like there was a crisis.  Some people were pushing their way up to the front of the crowd of people who were waiting to speak with the employers.  And you have to wonder what will happen to all those resumes the employers got from the job seekers.

Most of the employers also told people to go online to see the latest positions available.  And that has also been the case in the other job fairs I have attended as well.  My mom suggested to start looking online all the time now.  And see the list of employers attending a job fair and just go to their websites.  Believe me, wasting gas to drive to a job fair and being told to go online is a waste of time!  So it looks like my nearly 11 month job search is going to continue for now.  Since I am getting tired of job searching I could do what these two guys did to find work.  This first person advertised on a digital billboard and got a job.

And this guy is willing to give away a trip to Hawaii for someone hiring him.  He is also standing on a street corner holding a sign.

 Maybe I would look good walking down Quintard Ave. in Anniston while wearing a sign.  Hey I could get more media coverage and get some more exercise at the same time.


Digital City Videos Are Here

Last week I had a blast at the UAB Digital City Ethnographic Film event.  Eight movies were shown on the giant IMAX screen inside the McWane Science Center.  And all the films were very good!  For a recap of the event click on the link.

Now all eight films have been put on Vimeo for everyone to enjoy!  Here’s the one I am in called Riders on the Storm produced by Kevin Franks and Tyler Malugani.  This film also features James Spann, John Brown, and T.D. Todd.  Notice the excitement that my tornado lamp was used in the opening of the film.

The other films were great as well.  I know you are going to enjoy these films.  Take the time and watch all eight!

Unfare System: Birmingham Public Transit by Melissa Crook and Daniel Twieg.

We Came To Learn: The Drop Out Recovery Program by Jessica Craig and Adrian Jones.

Abandoned Canvas: Painting on Birmingham’s Margins by Majaliwa Mzombwe and Naithon Henning.

From Mountains to Metropolis: Old Time Music in Birmingham by Stephanie Cook and Rachell Berry.

Awake: Hip Hop Artistry in Birmingham by Ebony Hinton and Sierra Nicely.

Physical Truths: Making Art at UAB by Katelyn Armstrong and Ali Massoud.

Never Too Late to Learn by Nathan Ennis.