Video Roundup

It’s time for Video Roundup.  The best web videos I have seen in the last week.

Smashing Stuff

It looks so good in slow motion.

Domino’s Pizza Bike

It says human words; weird.

Video Game Rock Medley

This was done very well!

A Roach Remembered

Rest in Peace.

Lamb Jumping

Why is this animal inside?

Cute Otters Chasing Girl

Cute video!

Massive Kangaroo

Another cute video!

Girls Easter Prank

Turn an apartment into a animal house.

Baby Laughing at Vacuum

Very cute video!

Problem with Lay’s Chips

Think we are getting ripped off.

Quitting Jobs I Don’t Have

I wish I could do this.

Michael Jordan Same Name Spoof

This is just sad.

Burger King Burger with 1050 Pieces of Bacon

Go ahead and have the heart attack.

iRobot Dance Robolution

Great dancing!

Don’t Be That Guy at Gym

This is so true!

Batman Wish Come True

This will make your day!