The Caine’s Arcade Story

If you have not seen the video of Caine Monroy’s Arcade.  You need to watch it below.  9 year-old Caine spent his entire summer vacation building a elaborate real-working arcade that is made out of cardboard.  He made his arcade very detailed with great displays, hand-labeling bags, and putting in security systems.  The sad thing was his arcade got no customers being in a rough part of L.A.  So one day filmmaker Nirvan Mullick walked in to get stuff from his dad who runs a online auto-shop and saw this amazing arcade and put together a flash mob whom made Caine’s day the best one ever!

This kid is a inspiration to all other kids!  Even Phineas and Ferb would love to work with him.  A college scholarship fund has been established and has raised over $100,000.  Get more information at


Video Roundup

It’s Time for Video Roundup.  The best web videos I have seen in the last week.

Video Game Planets

Try to guess them all.

If Video Games Were Real

We would be in trouble.

Push to Add Drama

Great promotion for TNT.

3D Chocolate Printer

This looks good to eat.

The Hipster Games

Let the killing begin!

Static Flow of Water

This is amazing.

Jedi Grandma

This is weird.

Inside Foxconn

Wonder how iPads are made?

Leaked Burger King Ads

Just wow!

Hey Arnold! The Movie

This is one funny spoof ad!

Blowout Sale

Fake guns and weapons are fun!

I Used to Think

A rap about being a kid.

Pimp My Horse

This is weird!

Double Dutch Dog

This is some amazing skills!

Cat Opens Freezer

This is amazing the cat can do this.

Fight on NYC Train

This was not good.

7 Year Old Pizza Tosser

This is great!

Celebrity For the Day

This was a great prank!

We Are Young

Great video!

Put a Job On It

Great video for mayor.

Shape Up! – Week 13

This is week thirteen in my series of Shape Up!  The weekly post on what I did over the last week in my quest to getting healthier.

This video doesn’t exist

Kind of ironic it’s week 13 of Shape Up!  Yesterday it was Friday the 13th.  I had no unlucky things happen to me.  In fact it was a great day!  I got to take some pictures of a BBQ raising funds for Relay For Life.  And I got a call for a interview on next Tuesday.  The only problem it’s 80 miles and two hours away.  You know how this goes.  They are going to interview several people including me.  And most likely I will get a call saying they hired someone else.  The reason; because I live way too far down the road.  This job is in Grant, AL and I live in Anniston, AL.

I went to two job fairs in Roanoke, AL and Boaz, AL last week.  The biggest reason is because the Anniston/Oxford job market is dead.  More and more people are getting laid off every day in this area.  And I have pretty much given up on finding any work in the Anniston/Oxford area.  So most likely a move is in my future.  Sad this has come down to this.  Because I loved living in this area.  But leadership and politics got in the way to help kill this area.  When one Anniston city councilman is asking for $1.75 million in claims because he was arrested.  You know this area is in trouble.

Otherwise the rest of the week went well.  I did some more walking and ate healthy.  Our Easter dinner was great with a baked lamb.  And I did some basic sandwiches over the week.  I have to save money somewhere being on unemployment.  So maybe this next week my jobless streak of around 10 months will end!

Here’s what I ate in the last week:

Saturday: Yogurt; Hotpockets; Milo’s no calorie tea; Fruit bar

Sunday: Lamb; Potatoes; Homemade bread; Strawberry pie; Tea

Monday: Yogurt; Hotpockets; Milo’s no calorie tea; Strawberry pie

Tuesday: Muffin; Yogurt; Steak sandwich; Chips; Milo’s no calorie tea; Orange fruit bar

Wednesday:  Muffin; Yogurt; BBQ sandwiches; Milo’s no calorie tea; Orange fruit bar

Thursday: Muffin; Yogurt; Steak sandwich; Chips; Milo’s no calorie tea; Orange fruit bar

Friday: Muffin; Yogurt; Chips; Pizza; Milo’s no calorie tea

Have a good week everyone!