Titanic 3D & GSA Taxpayer Waste

GSA Wasting Money in Las Vegas

Remember the trip federal employees of the GSA took to Las Vegas?  Yeah; everyone should remember the $800,000 taxpayer cost for a conference that makes no sense at all.    People at the conference stayed in luxury suites.  They threw private parties that was serviced by caterers.  They ate expensive meals such as beef wellington and sushi.  And they even spent $75,000 to build bicycles as part of a team building exercise.  Many employees pretty much spent money like they were VIP guests.  And of course that is very wrong.  This is just an example on what’s wrong with the federal government in America right now.

Another thing they did at this conference.  They made funny videos on what they were doing.  So they enjoyed mocking the American people on wasting their taxpayer money.  This has got to stop folks!

Titanic 3D

Titanic 3D was released to theaters and it’s making people once again fall in love with the love story before the ship goes down.  I just do not want to sit through a three hour movie over something you know is going to happen because most likely you have already seen the movie.  Yeah I know; we are going to commemorate the 100th anniversary on the sinking of the Titanic on April 15th.  But taking this movie to the 3D level was just crazy.  I mean we can already see the movie on cable often right.  So why waste the extra money for the 3D.  You can just relive the memories of the Titanic tragedy by watching a funny video like this one below!


Weekend Planning: 4-13 to 4-15

This is Weekend Planning.  The early guide to the events going on the next weekend.  And this weekend Gadsden is going to be the place to be if you love Chocolate and BBQ; Yum!

2011 Alabama Chocolate Festival 019

The Rainbow City Chocolate Festival will take place April 14th from 10am to 8pm.  This festival will feature anything chocolate from a taste off; an chug-a-lug and egg toss, chocolate tent, music and vendors, and my favorite!  An chocolate fountain.  This just makes your mouth water doesn’t it.  If you are like me; not only you are doing the chocolate festival; you are also doing Smoke on the Falls.

Smoke on the Falls takes place on April 13-14 at Noccalula Park.  There are two divisions for the pros and the backyard people.  There is even the Smoke your Buns 5K race that takes place early on April 14th.  So if you are a foodie; this is a great weekend for you!  For more info. about the Chocolate Festival; go to: http://www.rbcalabama.com/html/chocolate_festival.html.  For more info. about Smoke on the Falls; go to: http://www.cityofgadsden.com/.

Ann Welch for Anniston Mayor

I was invited to attend a press conference for another candidate that is throwing her hat into the ring for the Anniston Alabama mayor seat.  Ann Welch announced that she is running for mayor.  She had some very good points during her short speech to help fix Anniston.

She said that Anniston is in a crossroads right now.  And Anniston has a small window to help turn the city around.  She is wanting everyone in the city to work together to help turn Anniston around.

She talked about two things that can help turn Anniston around.  One; Anniston needs a new perspective.  Anniston also needs to change the way it’s doing things.  The second point is to have team work in the city of Anniston.  Anniston needs to find a page and get on it.  Overall this is shaping up to be a huge race for the Anniston mayor seat.

I am wanting to personally interview each mayor candidate for the city of Anniston.  I love living in Anniston and with my unemployment I am hoping I do not have to move away.  Over the next few months you will see mayor candidate interviews here on Geek Alabama.  If you represent an Anniston mayor candidate please e-mail me at: barcncpt44@aol.com.  The Anniston city elections are in August 2012.  Let’s make sure the citizens of Anniston pick the right candidate!