The Front Porch Revival

Update:  You are noticing changes occurring in the switchover to Geek Alabama.  I have decided to stay with for now.  It is just so much easier to stick with them!

I went to attend the Front Porch Revival at Back Forty Beer Company in Gadsden.  This event featured live music, plenty of beer, and lots of great food and samples!  The food including pork tacos, pork sandwiches from a whole hog, and the southern staple craw fish was enjoyed by everyone!  Enjoy the pictures of the event below!

Yes the beer and food were very good!


Ragland High School Prom 2012

Over the day today you will be noticing the switch over to Geek Alabama.  But I really need to show off these great photos of the Ragland High School prom.  This was held at the Pittman Theatre in downtown Gadsden.  My brother David and his girlfriend Caitlyn along with their friends all had a great time!  Enjoy the awesome photos I took below!