The War on Women

I read this wonderful post off Geek Mom by Kay Holt.  Read it by clicking the link.

Recently there have been attempts by governments at the state and federal levels to restrict what women can do with their bodies.  The two main sticking points are abortions and contraception’s.  States with Republican legislatures including Alabama are crafting bills that would restrict abortions and access to birth control.  Most of the supporters on restricting women’s rights are the generic white male Republicans.  Some of the bills being proposed right now should make women cringe.  For example; in Arizona lawmakers are proposing bills that would force women to witness an abortion before considering one.   And another bill would allow employers to fire women for using birth control.  I just wonder if the intense desert heat is frying the brains of the people in Arizona.  Another bill in Virginia would propose women to undergo an ultrasound before having an abortion.  Sometimes even going through a women’s vagina.  There was even a bill here in Alabama forcing women to have a trans-vaginal ultrasound before an abortion but it was pulled.

This is a war on women that is only getting worse.  It now seems like Republican legislators are doing anything they can to regulate what women can do with their bodies.  I would think they would be more concerned about creating jobs and growing the economy. Even high name people like Rush Limbaugh opened his mouth about women’s health.  Calling the women a “slut” over birth control is wrong!  I am glad his remarks have caused massive protests.  I think everyone needs a refresher over the 19th amendment.

“The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”

Many women are now standing up and are wanting Republicans to not force restrictive women’s health issues down their throats.  There is even a women lawmaker in Ohio proposing a bill that would require a man to get psychological counseling before getting a Viagra prescription.  Women should be glad they live in America.  They came together to gain the right to vote and have rights!  They do not want to see lawmakers pass laws on women that would make them feel like they were in Saudi Arabia.  This is a pivotal time for all women across the country.  And they will vote for politicians that will not restrict their rights!  So for the Republican white male lawmakers that want to continue the assault on women’s rights.  They will remember you on the next election.

My view is I do not like abortions.  But I also do not think the government needs to tell women what to do with their bodies and lives.  So I successfully just made a group of people who mostly own businesses and hire people angry.  There goes my job chances in Alabama.


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  1. “Recently there have been attempts by governments at the state and federal levels to restrict what women can do with their bodies”

    That is the fundamental flaw in pro-choice reasoning: You are ignoring the body of the innocent but unwanted human being who gets destroyed in the abortion. It isn’t just the body of the mother. The scientific fact ( is that a new human being is created at fertilization.

    “Another bill in Virginia would propose women to undergo an ultrasound before having an abortion. Sometimes even going through a women’s vagina.”

    Even Planned Parenthood does ultrasounds, including vaginal ones, before an abortion. It is a serious medical procedure (aside from the killing of the unborn child), so if people want them to be safe they should be advocating for them as well.

    I hope you reconsider your views.


  2. Thanks for the comment. If you read the bottom of the post. I do not support abortions but I also do not support having governments telling women what to do with their bodies. Of course it’s not only women health issues. It is also voter ID laws that disfranchise poorer women from going to vote. Of course I have no problem with voter ID laws if ID’s are provided free. But for older and poorer people. You have the hassle of finding numerous documents which cost money just to go get an ID that costs money. That is wrong.


  3. Hi,

    Yes, I noted that you said you don’t support abortions. But then you say you want them to be illegal. Why don’t you support abortions? I am against them because they kill innocent but unwanted human beings. Therefore, I am concerned with both the mother and the human being in the womb.

    When you say you want them to be legal because women should be able to do what they want with your bodies, you are ignoring the scientific fact that there is another body in the equation — the one that gets destroyed. One of the roles of government is to protect human life. I think that if you look at pro-choice reasoning carefully you’ll find that nearly every argument ignores the human being that gets killed because she is unwanted.

    I’m just pointing out that your arguments seem inconsistent.

    Re. voter ID – I don’t see how that is anti-women. Is it anti-women to require women to show ID to buy alcohol, cigarettes, travel outside the country, etc.? Why isn’t anyone protesting that? And how are those more anti-women than anti-men? Why don’t Democrats just donate money to pay for these IDs if they are so cost prohibitive?


  4. I don’t follow Rush at all and was glad to see he apologized for his wrong comments. But I imagine you must be even more outraged at Bill Maher and others who have called women c*nts, tw*ts, sluts, etc. Why hasn’t Obama denounced them and returned Maher’s $1,000,000 donation? Where is the video with women repeating the words of those Democrats and saying they won’t be part of that?


  5. I do not follow anyone on talk radio or TV news shows. People like Rush Limbaugh, Bill Maher, Bill O’ Reilly, Rachel Maddow, and others are just too extreme. I read news sources from multiple sites daily. Because one site has one extreme view and another site has another extreme view.


  6. I have the view that government should not be telling anyone what to do man or women. That even includes the whole telling people you must buy healthcare or pay a fine debate. Government and both parties have been passing laws telling people what to do here and there. One example is the EPA telling power plants to limit carbon emissions from coal power plants. What business does the government have to tell people what to do with their business and lives. But government can also do some good things; like mandating that school lunches be healthier and have no “pink slime”. But I do not like having schools tell the kids you can not have a cupcake party because they are unhealthy. Come on; they are just kids! The people need to smarten up on election day and vote in people who will force the Government to stop the attack on people’s personal lives. Government needs to quit butting heads in people’s personal lives.

    I guess you can say I am a Ron Paul supporter; even though he will not be the Republican nominee. Government just keeps on growing and growing and neither party is willing to stop it. They just have to pass their own extreme views onto the people and that needs to stop.


  7. I think that’s a really good strategy and I wish other people held your view. One of the things I’ve liked about blogs is that over time you can sort out who is reliable and consistent and who isn’t.


  8. We have lots of points of agreement re. government’s role — i.e., health care, EPA rules and where we do need them (pink slime). The cupcakes are a great example — my wife is a librarian and used to teach in the classroom and the school lunch (massive amounts of wasted, gross food) and snack (no treats, ever!) rules are nuts.

    So at the risk of repeating myself, I think we agree that the government should be limited to certain things it was empowered to do in the Constitution. Where we differ is on the treatment of the unborn. If there wasn’t another human life at stake, I’d be with you on the subject of abortion. We don’t need the gov’t involved in elective surgeries. But if the unborn are human beings, who is speaking up for and defending them?



  9. Thank you so much for referencing my site!

    I think this is such an important issue that many women should be aware of what is going on and I also am glad that you, too, are passing on the message.


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