Bike Trails and Roots of Rescue

Coldwater Mountain Bike Trails

This should have a huge impact in the Anniston/Oxford, AL areas.  The International Mountain Bicycling Association‘s Trail Solutions team is helping to help build a bike trail system on Coldwater Mountain.  This system will have 60 miles of trails for all types of abilities.  And it will include other features that will attract many bikers from around the southeast.  This is going to be a great asset for this area.  But let’s dive into this issue.  Anniston is saying they will get lots of tax revenue from the bikers visiting this area.  But this is what I think will happen.

Many bikers will stay in Oxford.  Many bikers will eat in Oxford.  Many bikers will purchase stuff in Oxford.  Oxford is really going to benefit from Coldwater Mountain more than what Anniston is going to benefit from.  There are not many places to eat or shop in Anniston.  What will happen is the bikers on Coldwater Rd. will get to AL 202 then they will turn left and head to Oxford.  Now the city of Anniston can help fix this by cleaning up their city government.  That would help attract new businesses to Anniston instead of going to Oxford.

No doubt this bike trail system is going to have a great impact in this area.  But Oxford is going to benefit the most from the bike trails.  And I hope the bike trails are going to be promoted during the Noble Street Festival and the Cheaha Challenge coming up in April.  I wish that Anniston would also finish the Chief Ladiga Trail by connecting it to downtown Anniston.  That would be a great asset to the Anniston area as well.

For more info. and pictures.  Click on the link.

Roots of Rescue

I love the fundraising website Kickstarter.  I found out about this site after watching a story on NBC.  And the blog Geek Dad even has a section of their favorite Kickstarter projects.  But the Alabama Voters for Responsible Animal Legislation put on their Facebook page  information on a project currently on Kickstarter called Roots of Rescue.  This documentary film to be produced by Joe Olivieri and David Cowardin is going to focus on the animal abuse problem in Alabama.  And yes there is a big problem in this state.

When I worked for Fed Ex I saw this problem first hand.  I delivered to one house in the Guntersville area where there was some dead dogs at the front door.  And the smell was very bad.  I had to walk over the dead dogs and bags of garbage to drop of a package.  This house also had numerous birds; numerous chickens; and some horses.  What makes this worst is there was a family living at the house including a child.  I did report the conditions to the county sheriff.  And the next time I had to deliver a package to that house everything was cleaned up.

I really do care about the well-being of all animals.  And there are other people in Alabama that have the same feelings as I do.  But in Alabama there is also people who do not care about animals at all.  Some of them view animals as money makers.  And they keep animals chained up and exposed to the elements all the time.  Please click on the link below and let’s help expose the animal abuse problem in Alabama.