The Glencoe Speed Limits

I should of written this last night but I was so tired.  I slept for a good 11 hours last night.  I guess the time change must have something to do with that.  Finally ALDOT did something everyone agrees with!  They raised the speed limit in the city of Glencoe.  The speed limit through Glencoe was 45 mph.  Even in some of the rural areas it was 45 mph.  And you guessed it; the police was staked out waiting for people to go faster than 45 on a 4-lane highway designed for a speed of 65 mph.

This was the original speed limit on this stretch of U.S. 431.  The speed limit dropped to 45 mph and there was nothing around in this area to make the speed limit that low.  When I drove through there I sometimes saw the police in the median waiting to pull over the next victim.  Here is the new photo of the same area.

The 45 mph signs are now replaced with the speed limit 55 reduction ahead signs.  And this photo should make everyone happy.

No more 45 mph.  The speed was raised to 65 mph past Green Valley Rd.  And the police can not pull over anymore victims on a road designed for 65 mph.  Unless you go faster than 65.  ALDOT originally asked the Glencoe city council to raise the speed limit but they rejected it.  The reason was because they had safety concerns over the higher speed.  They wanted to keep their seniors and citizens safe.  This is something I do not buy.  I think Glencoe wanted to keep the speed limit lower for ticket revenue or as some people calls it; a speed trap.  And now Glencoe will have to look for other revenue streams since the ticket cash cow is now gone.

Speaking of low speed limits.  It seems like Glencoe just loves them.  Many of their city streets have very low speed limits.  Streets like Main St.;  Lonesome Bend Rd.; and other streets have speed limits of 25 mph and it is like going at a crawl.  And no one goes that slow at all.  So I think the city of Glencoe likes to stay in the 1950’s with way too low speed limits.  Maybe this is a start for Glencoe Alabama to finally raise the speed limits to more reasonable levels.  And if Glencoe is concerned about revenue.  Maybe they need to raise some taxes.