New Sim City is Coming

First I got a e-mail and there is a Magic: The Gathering pre-qualifying tournament for the Alabama Phoenix Festival on Mar. 10 at Excelsior! Comics, Games & Stuff in Hoover at 1:00pm.  I am not going to attend this but I will attend the one at Dragon Quills in Gadsden on May 5th.

But I saw the news over the week that makes me very happy!  A new version of the city simulator game Sim City is coming out in 2013.  It has been a long time since the last Sim City game came out.  They tried to come out with a easier game called Sim City Societies but it was not a hit.  I have always been a Sim City fan.  Well since I draw roads I have always been excited for this game.  I have spent many hours playing Sim City in the last 20 years.  You can build whatever you want to create your dream city.  And then you can create disasters to destroy your city.  You can make your sims angry with high taxes and crime.  Or you can make your sims happy with low taxes and plenty of recreational activites.  Watch the trailer below.

A couple of details have come out on what will be in the new Sim City game.  This will be the first time you can work together with friends to build a region.  Who wouldn’t want to pollute your friend’s town.  The game will also have 3D worlds and have ways to customize buildings and other things in your city.  And the new feature called GlassBox which will allow you to impact the lives of your sims living in your city.  This game will also have the sims asking you to do things like build bigger parks and better hospitals and schools.

So I am glad a new Sim City game is in development.  And I can not wait to be one of the first people to purchase the new game.  It will be like Christmas time for me!  Wow 2013 is going to be a awesome year for all the geeks out there!  A new Star Trek and Phineas and Ferb movie.  And now the new Sim City.  Somebody pinch me already!

Watch the insider’s look to the new Sim City game.  And go to


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