Business Review: Red Pepper Grill March 2012 Review

Update:  This review was for the former Red Pepper Grill that closed down in 2012.  Red Pepper Grill has re-opened and you can read that review by clicking the link!


So today in the Quintard mall at Oxford.  A new restaurant opened up called the Red Pepper Grill.  This restaurant is an Mexican food type of place that had some really good food.  I took some pictures of the ribbon cutting.

Once inside I was greeted and I decided to eat outside because it was so nice outside.   By the way the tables and decoration was very pleasant.  The dining area had a good color contrast of dark reds and black.  And the flame logo is all over the restaurant as well.


Today was such a great day to eat outside.  And I was not alone.  I got to take a look at the menu and it was large.  It had so many items to choose from.  And everything just looked so good.  I went for the lunch menu and it had a good selection of items for a good price.   

My server named Nicole recommended the Texas Fajitas which was chicken, shrimp, beef, green peppers and onions cooked on a skillet.  Look at the pictures below.

My only problem was that the plate with the rice and beans was hotter than the skillet.  But it was opening day and all the bugs was being worked out.  All the food that was served  was hot.  The flavors in the skillet was very good.  The chicken, beef, and shrimp had good seasoning.  I only got two tortillas with the meal and with all the food I got it was not enough.  So I would recommend getting extra tortillas.  The rice and beans was good as well.

I would also consider making the tortillas bigger.  My server told me that the place will charge people for more tortillas.  I would give an minimum of four tortillas with each order.  But the flavors inside the tortilla were very good.

The chips and salsa are made in house.  The chips were crunchy and tasted very good.  The salsa was good but I recommend it to be a little more chunky and have an extra kick.  The service was okay for opening day.  The server was great today.  It took a little while to get my food as I guess the kitchen was learning the ropes on opening day.

This was a good lunch for only around $10.  The place had a good crowd for lunch today since it was opening day.  And the owners have plans to put in theme nights like trivia and karaoke.  This is the latest restaurant to open in a area with many Mexican restaurants already.  If the Red Pepper Grill wants to stay open it needs to listen to the customers and offer some good food and specials.  This space inside the Quintard Mall has already seen several restaurants open up and fail.  So far the food today was good.  And I would recommend it to my friends and family.  The menu had a wide assortment of food and desserts as well.  Which I will try one day.

I give the Red Pepper Grill a grade of: A.  The Red Pepper Grill is located inside the Quintard Mall in Oxford, AL and contact them by calling 256-835-4667.


Legislative Roundup – Week 4

This has been an interesting week in the Alabama Legislature.  Yes there has been more controversy coming out of the chambers in Montgomery.  Including bills to cut All Kids; the state health insurance program to poor kids.  A bill to force women to an abrasive ultrasound before performing an abortion.  And the cost of living raise for our dear leaders down in Montgomery.  By the way I have not done this in a while.  I have a great candidate for the dunce of the week and its Sen. Clay Scofield.

Mr. Scofield filed a bill to require women to undergo an ultrasound before performing an abortion.  The problem is this ultrasound called a obstetric ultrasound might require a probe to be inserted into a women’s vagina.  My opinion on abortions are I do not like them.  But I do not agree on having the government telling women what to do with their bodies.  If the government suddenly outlawed abortions some women will have an abortion done with a coat hanger.  The people down in Montgomery needs to worry about how to fund the needs of Alabama and not forcing people to do things because of their beliefs.  Man the legislators out of Marshall County are on a roll.  First the illegal immigration bill and now this.  What’s next?  Forcing people to believe a religion that they do not want to follow.  And when I worked for Fed Ex I delivered a package to Mr. Scofield’s house south of Guntersville.  But I am going to be nice and not reveal where he lives.

The other big story this week from Governor Bentley is the state is so broke it might have to kick off some poor kids off the All Kids health insurance program.  This would require federal government approval to lower the threshold from 300% of poverty to 200% of poverty.  This would kick off around 16,000 kids from All Kids.  So the legislators in Montgomery who most are catering to the rich folks are wanting more poor people to fend for themselves.  That the biggest problem right now in the state of Alabama.  The rich wants to keep the tax code fair to them while the poor have to pay more taxes.  It should be the other way around.  The legislators does not want to do the right thing and reform our taxes.  But who cares if prisoners and the mentally ill are released to roam the streets.  As long as the rich pays hardly any taxes; they want the power in state government so they can do what they want!  I am hoping the federal government rejects this proposal.  So just maybe the legislators will do the right thing.  Reform our taxes.

Speaking of the legislators; guess what they get in a couple of weeks.  A raise!  Yes our dear leaders in Montgomery will get a $1,608 cost of living pay raise unless they decline it in writing.  Which most will not do.  So each legislator‘s pay each year will be $53,438.  Keep in mind the median pay rate in Alabama is $42,081.  And in 2007 before the legislature voted themselves the massive 62% pay raise the pay was only $30,710.  So the people in the Alabama legislature will have gotten a pay raise of over $23,000 in only five years while the other people working in state government have not gotten any raises. And now the state will be laying off a massive amount of state workers while the leaders in Montgomery sit with their fat checks.  Do you see something wrong here?  Alabama pays its legislature a massive amount of money for only a part-time job.  This has got to stop.

It is so much fun attacking the Alabama Legislature.  And I will do it again next week.

Radio Sign Off and Animal Rights

End of an Era 1973-2012

Well midnight on March 1st has just passed by and the radio station 97.5 WABB has signed off the air.  The first and last song ever played was Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again by Bob Dylan.  And at midnight this happened.

97.5 WABB was a radio station many people grew up on along the gulf coast.  And many people who drove to the gulf coast listened to this station while they were on the gulf coast.    Many people are going to miss this station; but there is new hope.  104.1 FM switched formats at midnight to become 104.1 WABD.  The station even rang funeral bells for the last 30 minutes of WABB’s existence.

Even the logo looks like the old WABB logo.  So all the people along the gulf coast who was sad to see WABB sign off the air; do not fear. 104.1 WABD is now filling the void.  And I am also hearing they might be hiring some of the former WABB’s talent.  So you can say this is a new beginning for the Mobile, AL radio market.  By the way the first song played on 104.1 WABD was Party Rock Anthem.  Listen online at

Listen to the highlights on the final hour of 97.5 WABB ever at

Protect Animals in Alabama

Alabama Voters for Responsible Animal Legislation (AVRAL)

More information at:

I read this article that is describing the allegations at the Calhoun County Animal Control Center.  This place has been under scrutiny for allegedly abusing animals.  The facts say everything you need to know.  We have a huge animal overpopulation problem in this area.  And some people does not want to do the right thing and spay or neuter their pets.  There is a low cost spay and neuter program that transports animals to be fixed at a low cost.  But as you know some people in Montgomery wants this to end.  Read this from the Alabama Voters For Responsible Animal Legislation.

This is urgent information about HB 156 the spay/neuter clinic protection bill.
Right now, Alabama State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners President Dr. Welch and board member Dr. Pitman are in Senate offices working to kill the bill. The bill passed the House yesterday and must now pass the Senate. We do not have a committee for the bill yet but we are working to get that assignment. 

I think you knew that this was going to happen.  There are some people in Alabama who wants no limits on animal breeding and on cockfighting as well.  Did you know that Alabama has the weakest cockfighting laws in the country?  I guess I am about to be attacked by some people again.  But here it goes.  Alabama needs strong laws to protect innocent animals.  And that includes tough laws for cockfighting that would include lengthy fines and jail time.  We also need laws to encourage low cost spay and neuter options for our pets.  I am guessing this is a witch hunt by some people who does not care about animals at all.  These people think animals have no feelings at all and are only here on Earth to benefit people and to make money.

Let’s turn this around.  What if animals used people only to make money.  Like having us attacking each other to our deaths.  Or reproducing so much that some of us have to be put down.  You would not like that would you?  So I fully support these laws going on the books.  And If I made some of you out there mad?  I’m sorry!  Leave a comment and let’s have a debate.