Animation Monday: The Simpsons

Wow! We have just seen the 500th episode of The Simpsons.  We are now on season 23 of the show that gives us lots of laughs and parodies of the culture we live in today.  This show is going to be on the air for 25 seasons and maybe even more.  This show came on the air a couple of years after I was born.  And some people now argue that this show has been on the air for too long.  That this show quit being funny seasons ago.  But I say The Simpsons still has lots of great ideas and laughs left in its tank.

Image copyright Fox

The opening sequence to The Simpsons is something we all remember and love.  I love seeing what Bart writes on the chalkboard on each episode.  And seeing what Lisa plays in her saxophone is great as well.  But the best part of each episode is the couch gag.  The 500 couch gags flashback at the beginning of the 500th episode brought back a lot of great memories as a great series that is still running strong today.  This series has brought us a lot great things to TV.  And it is engraved into our culture forever.  You know that lots of parents want to strangle their child sometimes for doing bad things.  Thanks Homer!

The Simpsons has broken numerous records and has won numerous Emmy Awards as well.  I know some of you out there have grown tired of seeing this show.  But this show still has lots of ideas to come out.  I even have some favorite moments from The Simpsons from the last 23 seasons.  Do you remember Donut Hell?

Or the time Bart went nude on his skateboard.

And there has been some great couch gag openings through the years.  Here are my two recent favorites.  Do you remember the Homer Evolution?

And this favorite showing slavery making The Simpsons products inside the 20th Century Fox logo.

To Matt Groening and the entire crew that makes The Simpsons.  Keep up the good work!

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