Bridal Idol in Anniston

On Saturday I went to Robert’s Rentals in Anniston to see what Bridal Idol is all about.  Now I am not dating right now (never dated at all) and have no plans anytime soon for a wedding.  Although my brother just can’t wait for his high school prom.  And yes I will have photos here on Young’s Blog.  They had karaoke and the winner got over $3500 worth of prizes.  And there were several booths set up with information on weddings from the food, photography, and even the honeymoon.  Enjoy the pictures!

These cupcakes from Mad Hatter Cakes in Jacksonville, AL were good.  The strawberry icing was tasty and the candy flower on top was good.  The peach ones were good as well but needed a little more peach favoring.

During Bridal Idol; they held a karaoke contest and the winner was very excited to win!  Brittany Poe won the Robert’s Rentals Bridal Idol 2012 karaoke contest and she won $3550 worth of prizes!  I did take some great photos here.

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