Alabama Gives Day

The Alabama Association of Nonprofits has come up with an great way to promote charities and to spread the word on TV and radio stations across the state.  Alabama Gives Day is an 24 hour period where people are asked to log on and donate.  They are trying to raise a huge sum of money in one day.  Just look at the press statement.

On February 2, 2012 the Alabama Association of Nonprofits, in partnership with the Alabama Broadcasters Association and the Razoo Foundation, is doing something in Alabama that’s never been done. We’re taking one day to harness the power of individual contributions statewide, connecting new and existing donors with thousands of Alabama nonprofits.

“The Alabama Broadcasters Association is excited to participate in what will be a historic event for philanthropy in our state and possibly across the nation. The concept of Alabama Gives Day is heartwarming for all who will be part of the event. Alabama radio and TV stations will endeavor to raise record amounts in gifts for charities across the state in a 24 hour period,” said Sharon Tinsley, President of the Alabama Broadcasters Association.

When presented with a new way to give online, community members have overwhelmingly shown their support through donations. In 2011, Colorado Gives Day raised $12 million for participating nonprofits, far surpassing the $8.4 million raised in 2010. In 2011, Minnesota’s Give to the Max raised a whopping $13.4 million for Minnesota nonprofits from over 47,000 donors in just 24 hours. While the immediate benefit is huge, the ripple effects of giving spurred other philanthropic endeavors in Minnesota and Colorado generating even more donations months later.

The excitement and anticipation leading up to this one-day event energizes a new donor base of individual donors. During Colorado’s Give Day, 98% of nonprofits featured on received a donation, and 83% of those participating nonprofits acquired new donors. A positive lesson that charities have learned from their participation in giving days, say organizers, is that the events have strong appeal to young donors. Norman Rice, president and CEO of the Seattle Foundation, host of Give Big Seattle, describes their event as, “the democratization of philanthropy, in which everyone can make a difference in the world around them.”

This historic event in Alabama, backed by the marketing power of Alabama radio and television stations, will further help charitable organizations continue to provide a broad spectrum of aid across the state of Alabama.

“We’re proud to launch Alabama Gives Day in support of an incredible sector that makes our state a better place to live. This event has the potential to dramatically increase the number of individual donors contributing to charities in our state as we’ve seen similar campaigns in Colorado and Minnesota successfully do,” said Russell A. Jackson, Alabama Gives Day Manager for the Alabama Association of Nonprofits. “Connecting individual donors to nonprofits, while also promoting the safety and ease of online giving, is critical to helping our nonprofits be even more sustainable without being so dependent on foundation and corporate grants to keep their lights on.”

I am going to promote some NE Alabama charities you can donate to in the next few days.   And join many people on February 2nd and donate!


Animation Monday: Kimmel Kartoon

I really enjoy watching Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC.  Some of the videos they show on the program are funny.  This week in unnecessary censorship and Steven Tyler‘s creepy leer of the night are weekly treats.  And when the show takes an classic cartoon and replaces the audio with an current TV program.  It almost makes the classic cartoon look current.  Of course the mouths of the cartoon characters are off-sync.  And there is some editing done.  But you have to just laugh when you recognize audio from shows like Jersey Shore and American Idol.  And it really does make the classic cartoons like Scooby Doo and The Flintstones look much better.

Enjoy the latest Kimmel Kartoon with The Flintstones audio being replaced with audio from an American Idol audition.

I also enjoyed an segment with Regis Philbin and Butt-Head.  This was pretty good.