Roadscapes Wednesday

It’s time for Roadscapes Wednesday and this week I am showing off some pictures of a quick trip to Fort Payne, Alabama.  This city has a ton of old fashioned traffic signals all around town.

Yes!  Three sets of signs telling the drivers of the bad curve ahead.  And now some pictures of some traffic light intersections in town.

And going back home I went down I-59 and you know I had to take some photos.


2 thoughts on “Roadscapes Wednesday

  1. Good morning Roadscapes, I enjoyed looking at your pics of the Ala bridges and projects. I live in Bremen Ga. And travel I-20 a good bit. I was wondering if you had any info on the area just east of the Oxford exit where the west bound lanes have been moved around the damaged area? Have you got any info on the cement being poured along I-20 in Ga from the Alabama state line to the bremen exit?


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