Have A Way to Get Weather Alerts

This is an very important topic that everyone needs to know.  As everyone now knows Monday morning Alabama had several tornadoes rip through the state.  And yes they did a lot of damage.  It is very unusual to see tornadoes in January but it can still happen.


There are still some people in Alabama that have to hear the warning sirens to take action.  The sirens are for OUTDOOR USE!  They are not designed for people to hear indoors.  We have to get off the mindset that people must hear an outdoor warning siren to get to shelter.   If this family had another way of hearing weather warnings this 16 year-old girl might still have been alive.  I used to be an believer that outdoor weather sirens were very important in warning people in severe weather.  But after seeing stories online and the comments on social media of people saying they had no warning.  I now agree with James Spann that the outdoor warning sirens are very negative.

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The best way of hearing severe weather warnings is with a weather radio.  They can be programmed for the county you live in and they will wake you up during the middle of the night if severe weather is threatening.  An weather radio is so important that I even wish it was state law that every home and business must have a weather radio.  Even if you have an weather radio you really need another way to hear weather warnings.  You can get Weather Call; an app on your smart phone (the IMap Weather Radio App is great); text message alerts; or just stay on top of weather conditions on TV and online.  For some of the people out there that say “I do not have time to keep up with local news and weather.”  Yes you do have time.  You are just being lazy.