Good Times For Young’s Blog

Let me tell you this has been a great time for Young’s Blog.  I just got a huge promotion on TV on ABC 33/40.  And a great promotion from Word Camp Birmingham.  And it will certainly will not be the last either.  I would like to thank the people at Focus @ 4 and Pam Huff for the story.  And for Marissa Mitchell for driving all the way out here to Anniston to shoot the story.  I had to help her give directions to where I live.  The story is about getting healthier and about Shape Up!  Just click on the top on the page to learn more about what I am doing.  And here is the story below.

Now there is one very big event going on in the Atlanta metro on March 3rd.  It is called Run For Your Lives and it is a 5K race with 12 obstacles and the whole race is filled with zombies!  The people dressed like zombies have to grab the runners flags.  It looks like me and several other people are going.  This really looks like a fun event.  And I am going to sign up.  With the other folks joining soon as well.  The e-mail to join the Geek Dad group is going out as well.

So at the end the outlook for this blog is great.  I am thinking about new segments for Young’s Blog including maybe a weekday segment.  And the promotions on TV, radio, and other blogs is going to keep on coming as well.  I really like to thank all of you for logging on to Young’s Blog and I am going to continue to make Young’s Blog: Unofficial Ambassador for NE Alabama.

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The Paula Deen Surprise

This morning the queen of southern cooking Paula Deen revealed on the Today Show with Al Roker that she has type 2 diabetes.  Mrs. Deen has been well known down in the south with making food recipes with a southern twist.  Her signature mantra is butter, butter, and more butter.  She even kept the diabetes secret from the public for a couple of years before she made it public.  She kind of almost revealed she had diabetes when she appeared on the Dr. Oz show a couple of weeks ago.  But I am not here to slam Mrs. Dean ways of cooking.  This is a great time for Mrs. Dean and all the other cooks on Food Network to cook in a healthier way.

Anthony Bourdain recently slammed Mrs. Dean in being the worst, most dangerous person to America.  He even said that Mrs. Dean is proud of the fact that her food is f****** bad for you.  But he could have said that to many TV chefs out there.  Food Network has become a place for people who love food (like me) to watch people make food and for the viewers to crave the food being made.  In fact I would not be surprised that some people are eating junk food while watching Food Network.  But there is now some good coming out of this.  Some chefs have begun to change their ways to a more healthier way of cooking.

Alton Brown; a fellow Georgian was cooking foods that were unhealthy and was gaining weight.  But he had a wake up call and got back in shape and looks very good now.  Other TV people like Drew Carey and Al Roker had their wake up calls and got back in shape and look awesome on TV now.  So the message is Paula Deen can turn this around and become much healthier.  She easily could become a figure for cooking healthier.  The south has a huge obesity problem and which public figure could people turn to so they can learn how to cook healthier; Mrs. Dean.  Even her son has a new cooking show called Not My Mama’s Meals that cooks Mrs. Dean’s meals in a much healthier way.  She preached a big message while on the Today show; moderation.  Everything needs to be taken in moderation.  Including the butter, butter, and more butter.