My Top Blunders of 2011

We all have seen and heard some very crazy things in 2011.  From Charlie Sheen doing one of the worst career moves ever.  And Netflix doing one of the worst business moves ever.  2011 has been a good year watching other people doing stupid things.  Here is my list of the top blunders of 2011.

Charlie Sheen Blunder:

Charlie Sheen did one of the worst things in 2011.  He taunted Chuck Lorre and eventually got fired from the very popular show “Two And A Half Men.”  So what did he do next; he went crazy.  He tried hosting his own web show which was not good at all.  I remember the viewer count dropping like a rock during the web show.  He promoted the word “winning” but was actually losing.  And what is Tiger Blood all about?  Oh well; he is enjoying the $25 million settlement from Two And A Half Men.  Winning!

NFL NBA Lockouts:

Seriously; you all can not find ways to split millions of dollars equally between the owners and the players.  2011 almost went down as a bad year for pro sports.  If you had the NFL and the NBA not playing their seasons; what would sports fans do instead?  Try a new hobby or learn a new skill.  What would ESPN do to fill their schedules with no sports to show?  Luckily none of those things happened.  But one always has to wonder?

Bank Fees:

Over the year 2011 Bank of America and other big banks thought about charging a monthly fee for people using a debit card.  Hardly anyone uses checks anymore and many stores do not take checks anymore.  So the banks thought about being more greedy and sticking it to the customers.  But then something happened; the customer stood up and said enough!  Social media blew up and people demanded the banks not charge any new fees or they would leave.  And the banks gave in; a great victory.  Now Verizon Wireless wants to get into the fee game.  Let’s see how long it will take for Verizon to change their minds.

Anthony Wiener and Herman Cain:

This has been a great year of political blunders.  The two famous politicians with the most problems were Wiener and Cain.  They both committed the same crime.  They thought by doing sexual stuff they would get further in their careers and life.  Anthony Wiener snapped pictures of his junk and put the pictures on the web for everyone to see.  Herman Cain thought he could date and love many women and his career would further even more.  This is a great lesson for everyone.  Doing sexual stuff in public will make you a fool and bring you down.  So just don’t do it.

Kim Kardashian:

Here is more proof the the people in Hollywood are making our youth more dumber.  Kim was only married for 72 days and the wedding was showed on TV.  But the marriage started to break down and it was all recorded to be shown on TV as a junk reality show.  Even worse the ratings for the show were very high.  Looks like many people do not have anything better to do.  This is another lesson for everyone.  TV will not make you famous; it will make your life a living hell.  And your break down will be showed on TV for everyone to make fun of.

Netflix; News Corp.; Blackberry:

This has been a bad year for business.  But some companies wished that 2011 never happened.  Netflix charged more for their services and tried to split of an new company Quikster.  News Corp. had their huge scandal cover up revealed.  You know snooping on people’s phone calls will only lead to big trouble.  And Blackberry had huge outages across the planet.  Many companies are hoping for an better 2012 and company decisions that will not cause customer revolt on social media.


Facebook was in the news for much of 2011.  Much of that was not good news at all.  Facebook had major privacy issues and had sexual images cycling through the news feeds.  Also some users do not like some of Facebook’s new features such as timeline.  So will other social media sites like Google + or Twitter take over and gain new people?  We will see in 2012.

Penn State Scandal:

This was the other huge sports story in 2011 that will harm the university for decades to come.  A huge cover up of sexual activites in a locker room shower was exposed.  And now the entire university has been blown up.  Many top officals of Penn State have been fired or quit and some are now sitting in jail.  There has even been suggestions to change the name of the university.  Another great lesson for everyone.  If you know of something bad happening; report it!