A Christmas Story Spoof?

My favorite Christmas movie is A Christmas Story.  It is a family traditon to watch the movie during the Christmas celebration.  We also like to watch the 24 hours of A Christmas Story each year.  What is not to love of A Christmas Story.  The kid’s tongue getting stuck on the pole; Ovaltine; Red Ryder gun; Santa Claus slide; Christmas tree car breakdown; mouth getting washed out with soap; the pink bunny suit; Christmas dinner at a Chinese restaurant; kid fights; and of course the leg lamp.  And the narration and side tracks throughout the movie make this a movie classic.  But I would love to see something new.  A spoof of A Christmas Story.  I would love for an TV show to pull off a great spoof of this classic movie.  It can be done; there have been spoofs of other classic movies done before.  So I present to you the three TV shows that I think can pull off A Christmas Story Spoof!

Phineas and Ferb:

This TV show has done a spoof of The Wizard of Oz and other classic TV and movie scenes before.  Think about it; Baljeet can be stuck at the pole.  Ferb says a bad word and gets the mouth washed out with soap.  Phineas dreams of having a ray gun (updated from a BB gun) for Christmas.  The boys build a giant Santa Claus visiting platform with a slide. Candace tries to ruin Christmas for Phineas and Ferb.  And Dr. Doof destroys the neighborhood’s Christmas dinner.  And they go to an Chinese restaurant called Better Panda.  And I forgot that Phineas and Ferb’s dad gets that ironic leg lamp.  This would be a great spoof with some catchy music to make it great.

Family Guy:

This show has also done spoofs before from Star Wars.  And have also spoofed classic TV shows and movies.  Chris dreams of a BB gun for Christmas and has to be stuck at that pole.  Peter is happy for the leg lamp which Lois is mad for having that lamp.  Meg keeps getting rejected and Brian narrates the story.  Stewie tries to ruin Christmas for everybody.  This would be an adult version of A Christmas Story spoof.

The Big Bang Theory:

This comedy with a geek tone to it has done spoofs and jokes from classic TV shows and movies before.  The guys dream of having a powerful ray gun for Christmas while one of the girls has a pole sticking accident. The writers can easily come up with some great ways to pull off a great A Christmas Story Spoof.

I would love for someone out there to consider doing A Christmas Story spoof.  The whole world would enjoy seeing it and I am sure even Ralphie would even approve!


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  1. It would be hilarious to see a spoof/parody of “A Christmas Story!” I think the “Phineas & Ferb” idea would be especially funny! Merry Christmas to you & yours 🙂


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