One Giant Homecoming

Today was a very good day here in North East Alabama.  Over 1000+ people came out to surprise a war veteran who was injured overseas.  SFC Aaron Causey was injured in Afghanistan and lost both of his legs.  He needed skin grasps on both arms and still has shrapnel in his body.  But his spirit was a mile high!  His family was very happy to see him come back home and so was the community as well.  Although the rain came; no body mined.  So enjoy the photos below and for even more photos click on the link.

Even CNN was here!

Oxford mayor Leon Smith (middle)

Santa Claus took a break to welcome home Aaron!

The rain came pouring down.

5 guys under one umbrella.

Here he comes.

Family Gathering around.

Here he comes!

Rep. Mike Rogers attending.

The pilot that flew Aaron home!

Going home.


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