An Animation Monday Christmas: Classic Christmas Specials



So for today on Animation Monday let’s talk about four classic Christmas specials that hold an heart in all of us and we look forward to every Christmas.

Frosty The Snowman

One of the Classics!  The kids in a local town decide to build a snowman and then an magicians hat brings the snowman to life.  The kids decide to name the snowman Frosty and when Frosty comes to life he always says; Happy Birthday!  The temperature rises and forces Frosty and Karen; one of the kids to go on a train to the North Pole but Karen is close to dying from hypothermia and they go inside a greenhouse where Frosty melts.  But Santa comes to the rescue and brings Frosty back to life.  You have to just love the story and love seeing Frosty come back to life.  And of course the song; Frosty the Snowman.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

You can not have Christmas without Rudolph.  This special is great because it shows no matter how different you are.  You can succeed at anything.  And as this case; leading Santa’s Sleigh.  I love how you get to see Rudolph’s life from birth until that moment of success.  The other reindeer’s making found of him because of the glowing nose. And of course the island of misfit toys.  I wonder how they got to tame that snow monster enough to extract a bad tooth.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

The one thing that make this special great is that little tree with the one ornament on it that is bent over.  But this special deals with what we are all seeing in the Christmas Season today.  A over commercialism of Christmas.  It does not matter if you have the brightest lights, the biggest tree, or the best presents.  All it matters is you enjoy the Christmas season.  The Christmas play the Peanuts gang puts together and Linus quoteing the Bible verse Luke: 8-14 make this a great Christmas special.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

This is probably Dr. Seuss most famous story.  The Who’s down in Whoville are getting ready for Christmas which includes a huge holiday feast.  The Grinch who lives in a cave above Whoville which has a heart two sizes too small.  The Grinch dresses as Santa and with the help of the dog Max goes to Whoville and steals everything Christmas.  But the Who’s Start singing and Mr. Grinch understands the true meaning of Christmas and returns everything Christmas to the Who’s.  Everything about this special is great including the songs You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch and Welcome Christmas.  Another great Christmas Special.


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