Animation Monday; Family Guy

I am starting a new feature on Mondays!  You know Monday; the one day of the week we all dread and hate to see.  We just want to get this day over with.  So why not talk about animation.  It does take a lot of work to create animation you see on TV, movies, books and anywhere else.  Plus animation Monday just sounds good does it.  So this week let’s talk about one show we all know and that is Family Guy.

Family Guy started around 1999 and it took a long time to gain an audience and it even got cancelled but got brought back due to fan support.  Not many cancelled shows can say that.  Before Family Guy came about there were not that many animated shows around to push the adult boundary.  Well other than South Park and The Simpsons.  But Family Guy was different because it was shown on local TV and not on cable.  Local TV has a lot more restrictions on language and bad scenes than on cable.  So when you saw episodes where people were naked, having sex, and using foul language; people fought why was this on TV?  But there is more to this show.  Somehow you can mix the right story lines with cutaway gags and you have a successful episode.  The last couple of episodes have dealt with tough issues like a Iraq war veteran and domestic violence.  You can mix in tough issues and comedy and have a great episode.  But the characters do also make this show as well.  You have a talking dog and a talking baby who wants to take over the world.      The kids who have their own issues and the husband and wife who you think how they are staying together?  The success of Family Guy have started two spin-offs American Dad and The Cleveland Show and the future show The Flintstones (wonder how that will go?)  Seth Macfarlane is a great animator and writer and has found great success with his shows.  This can show you that cartoons are not for just kids anymore.