Labor Day Weekend Football Picks and TS Lee Too!

Well we have approached the Labor Day weekend and the kick off of college football.  We also have a Tropical Storm Lee in the Gulf which will bring a lot of rain to NE Alabama on Monday and Tuesday.    Something I will do on every Friday during the college football season is I will pick five games and the winner plus an upset.  So week 1 does not feature a lot of big games but there are some and with the controversy going on with some teams my picks has changed a little bit.

Boise State vs. Georgia

My Upset!  I just do not see Georgia as good and I pick Boise State

Oregon vs. LSU

Because of the problems at LSU; I pick Oregon

Tulsa vs. Oklahoma

An easy one! Oklahoma

Notre Dame vs. South Florida

We will see if Notre Dame is for real; but I think they win

Kent State vs. Alabama

Another easy one! Alabama

Utah State vs. Auburn

Auburn is weaker this year; but they win

After that we need to talk about TS Lee; we are starting to have drought conditions setting up in NE Alabama and we really need some rain.  We even had less than an inch of rain for all of August.  So this storm will start affecting us on late Sunday and will continue until Tuesday.  The good thing is this will be a big rainmaker for us as we could see 2-6+ inches of rain and the temps will go down as the days of seeing 90+ could be done for the season.  Just be thankful this is not a full blown major hurricane coming at us.  So the weekend forecast will be hot Saturday; mild on Sunday with rain starting late; and lots of rain and mild on Monday.  Enjoy the Labor Day weekend and your college football games!

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