Geek Alabama’s 4000th Post, The State Of Me And The Blog


This is Geek Alabama’s 4000th post!  Yes, I have written 4000 posts on this site since the site was started in April 2012.  And to start things off, I wanted to highlight some of the top things I got to cover and do since my 3000th post special about one year ago.  For starters, I got to interview Kid President, how cool was that!

I also got to interview a couple of really well known people.  For example, I got to interview Tara Strong and Meghan McCarthy from My Little Pony.

I got to cover a major snow event last January that ground Alabama to a halt!

I got to cover a Salvation Army bell-ringer that was inspirational!

And yes, I even made a parody music video!

As for pictures, well I took plenty of good photos over the last year!

stuff 083stuff 201christmas 263noble 174stuff 170halloween 229


And, I also got into the presentation game on SlideShare.  Some of my presentations, like the two below, have gone viral, I am very good at this stuff!

So, on the Geek Alabama website, things were good between the 3,000th and 4,000th post.  But, everything else has not changed.  I continue to be rejected from every job application I fill out or job I apply online.  I have held numerous phone calls, Skype chats, Google Hangouts, in person talks, and nothing has happened like usual.  I have gotten used to this, since people around here like to discriminate on those who are different.  And what the heck, since I continue to not be responded to most of the e-mails and applications I send, I have crossed my 1,400th job rejection, yea!  (slow clap)


I also continue to have to defend myself, and others who are different across Alabama.  From those who are disabled, homosexual, believes in gun control, or believes in anything else that does not line up with the values many in Alabama holds, I love it when people continues to bash me online, or in person.  When I made this sign telling the world that I am autistic, and what to make a difference, it made some people around here not too happy, good for me!

Nathan Autism

Look, I know some of you are not going to like what I am about to say, but you might have guessed it if you know me really well.  As of right now, you can say I am more negative than positive.  Guess that what’s happens when you are taken advantage of at employers, or people say bad things about you online, or people ignore me and does not want to work with me, or when people do deliberate things like try to run me over on the side of the road, or even call the cops on me.  When you have multiple bad things happen to you, with hardly any good things happening, you are going to be more negative.  And this would happen to any person who experiences a lot of bad things happening.  It’s a part of human nature.

I have had several people I know say things to me like “think positive and dream big.”  And I do love talking about good things happening across Alabama and the southeast!  But when you continually have bad things happen to you over and over again, and even have your freedom threatened because some people would love to see me behind bars and off the streets, what can you do?  Sing Kumbaya My Lord and hope something changes, like that is ever going to happen.  Or do you continue to talk about things that are going wrong inside the community, like I do often!

When refused to place Geek Alabama on the Alabama bloggers list, even after contacting them over and over again, I continued to march on.


When (my blog provider) has refused to place one of my great articles on their “freshly pressed” section, I continue to march on.


When the local TV station I was helping out for free wanting me gone, and I left, I marched on.


When people see me out sitting out at the laundrymat, so I can work on the internet, I march on.


When Anniston/Oxford was listed by Moody’s as still being in a deep recession, I march on.


When Social Security denied me for disability, and the chances to get on disability or slim to none, I march on.


When some people, even at the same apartment complex, threaten me online, I continue to march on.


When the trolley system does not follow their routes often, and I have to walk back home for over three miles, I continue to march on.


And when some people have had enough, and threaten me because I love animals, I continue to march on.

Nathan With Animals

Look, I still have plenty of people around the state and the country who supports what I do!  I just do not like continuing to put pressure on those who still has to support me.  Like my mom, who still has to pay my apartment rent.  For the ones who knows me the most, they know that I am a caring person who works tirelessly to get the job done!  I make sure others have the chance to succeed, and make sure small businesses, other bloggers, and other good people get exposure, this is what I like to do!  Even if others do anything possible so I crash into the ground, I will continue to do what I do on Geek Alabama!

To those of you who do not like me, who are several of you, especially here in East Alabama.  Keep calling the cops on me, but they will just ignore you.  I have had the cops come to check on me several times now because someone called them only because I was walking on the side of the road.  The cops have gotten tired of it, and after talking to a few of them, they know there are people out there who are wanting to “get back at me.”  Also, continue to leave hateful and discriminatory messages on my social media feeds, e-mails, or blog comments.  I even had one lady here lives at the same apartment complex as I do leave a tasteful comment on my site.


To those of you who ignore my e-mails, comments, or my thoughts online. know that I am very influential online, and when I want to talk to you about that job opportunity, or partnership, or review opportunity, know that I am going to say what I see, the good or the bad.  And for those of you who likes to do things corrupt or wrong, know this.  If I see something that is not right, I am going to talk about.  No matter how small or big the bad things are.  Corruption and things going wrong are not right!  So, when I see problems like the economic problems in East Alabama, I am going to talk about it.  And by the way, every other blog and media site has also talked about it!

Like I say, I love it when people continues to call the cops on me or continues to discriminate against me, because of my disability or what I say online.  Sometimes, all you can do is smile and laugh.  Laugh because no matter what you do to make things better, something always comes around to make things worse.  For example, when I made my hand drawn Christmas card for 2014, it made many people not too happy at me.  Look, I am a realistic person.  And with the way things are going in Alabama, I was very realistic in my Christmas card.

card 001

When I talked to several people in the area, and they ask me what I want.  I tell them two things.  One, a job where I will not be taken advantage of and screwed over, like my last job was.  And two, for people to respect me and others who are different!  Since I have a light mental disorder, believe in the rights for same-sex couples, believe in the rights of the less fortunate and animals, and believe Alabama’s tax code should change so the rich pay more, many people in the state views me as someone who should be cast in the shadows, and should have the cops called on me because I am doing nothing.  I mean, simply walking down the road warrants the cops to be called, only in Anniston.


I guess where I am going is this.  You people can not force me to change my views to those most people in Alabama holds, or what some people call “Alabama Values.”  Even it means I keep being rejected from every job opportunity, volunteer opportunity, review opportunity, and continue to have some people who leave not so nice comments about me online.  I will continue what I do on this website, even if that means I go hungry after Alabama takes away my ability to get groceries, even if that means I stay in pain because my teeth hurt, and there is no appointments to get my teeth checked.  And even if that means I will soon be homeless and living in an abandoned building.  I hope it does not get to that point.

I will leave you with this video I made, but never featured it on Geek Alabama until now.  I made this simple video where I held flash cards and revealed one card at a time.  The video is called I Have Asperger’s Syndrome, I Just Want Someone To Give Me A Chance.  And it’s simple, I just want someone to give me a chance.  Maybe I will have better things to talk about when I get to my 5,000th post?

And, for the upteenth time, if you know of something, e-mail me at  Here is my visual resume.

Why Everyone In Anniston / Oxford Needs To Do Some Reflecting On Themselves This Thanksgiving


Let me just say this, the last two weeks have been mostly filled with bad things and news here in Anniston/Oxford. First off, we had that guy from Anniston who wrote that anti Veteran’s Day letter that went viral. I mean, why would that gentlemen disrespect all people who have served our country? Then, we had six Walter Wellborn Football players get into a fight. Playing the game was not enough, and punches were thrown. Then, we had the owner of Damn Yankees, David Mogil, get arrested again this time for animal cruelty. Seriously, the owner almost killed an innocent animal. Thankfully, the dog was found alive and will make a full recovery.

These three stories from this area, which happened in the last two weeks, and all went viral and national, is just an example of the negativity happening in Anniston/Oxford and Calhoun County. I have lived in the Anniston/Oxford metro area for over five years now. And I have seen more and more cases of people being negative, critical, or wanting to take advantage of others. From the several bus fights on the trolley system, drivers swerving towards me while walking on the side of the road, people calling the police on me for walking down the road, and even some people harassing me on social media like this person did, who lives in the same apartment complex I do. I believe this metro area has way more people who needs to get a life, than people who always helps others and have a happy life.


And this is what this Thanksgiving post will be all about. The reason why many people, I think it’s a 75/25 percent ratio, are negative, have no good outlook on life, and are angry, is because the Anniston/Oxford area has one of the worst economies in the United States. And it’s not me just saying this; I have made a presentation showcasing the studies from websites like Forbes, and ways to fix the problems. View the presentation below!

Many small businesses are struggling here and are closing down. On the Facebook group page that was boycotting Damn Yankees, several people said other restaurants are struggling to fill seats, even during the busy times. And here’s the reason, the economy sucks here. We have lost over 10,000 jobs over the past five years. The metro area has thousands of people, including me, who are unemployed. For the few businesses that have moved here, like Publix and Sam’s Club, thousands of people filled out applications, and many were disappointed that they were not hired.

And for the lucky ones who were hired, many are being paid minimum wage or just above that. This is a recipe for a well underperforming metro area. And this latest study from New Geography paints another bleak picture for Anniston/Oxford. It ranks all of the 380 metro areas in America in the terms of an educated population and the smartest people. According to the study, Anniston/Oxford is the third least smartest metro area in America. Hurray, we are the third most dumbest metro area in America!  View the study by clicking here.


So, where I am going with all of this? I think the person who are often angry and negative, are drowning out the few in this metro area who actually wants to make this area a better place to live for everybody. For example, I have volunteered my time for several people and businesses, and while they actually pay others who did something similar to what I do, I just did things without pay. I have also watched other people I know get taken advantage of themselves in this metro area. And since no one will hire me in this metro area, the only ones who want my help will take me on without paying me anything. So, how can I survive without paying my bills?

And the criticism from other people not only takes place while I am on the job search or covering events. For example, when I put together and released my Nathan Young Video Resume. Several people from around the country shared and commented about the video. And many people have given me high praise. Like this person on Twitter.

But, it did not take long for someone here in Anniston / Oxford to send me a negative comment about this video. After that negative comment, I took the weekend off to think and reflect. And it got me thinking, this metro area has way too many people who wants to keep everything the way it is, without making the changes required to grow and make this metro area better.

Who cares about the small business owners struggling or closing down? Who cares about the ones who are unemployed in a city with no one hiring locals? Who cares about the ones who are homeless or starving? And who cares about the ones who are in pain, like having a part of the body hurt, or having some of their teeth hurt? Right now, my teeth hurt on and off because I have a cavity forming, too bad I can’t afford the $25, then the $200 necessary to fix the several cavities forming.

Since I am one of the most influential people on social media in East Alabama, and one of the most influential writers/bloggers in the Southeast, I often get the chance to talk to a lot of people. From the small business owners, bus drivers, librarians, neighbors, MENSA folks, other media officials, and other average people. The consensus is the same. The Anniston/Oxford metro area is in serious trouble, and turning this area into a biking eco-friendly mecca will not save it.

I think this Thanksgiving, and the Christmas season too, should really be spent by taking a good long look at the mirror inside your home. It’s you who is negative and angry. It’s you that re-elects the same people who want to keep this area the same. It’s you who does not put pressure on the leaders to end this good-ole boy system. And it’s you that does not take the time to research what is really going on, and put a stop to it. Some folks who run things in this area blows off those studies from websites like Forbes that ranks this metro area as one of the worst in America. Guess what, those websites are right!

It does not take a genius to figure out that there are multiple, I mean multiple buildings empty and for sale. It does not take a genius to figure out that people are struggling. And, it does not take a genius to figure out that people are moving out of this metro area by the thousands. Many people, including me, knows what is going on in this metro area, at least we talk about it on social media.


As for my situation, since I have been rejected from every potential employer in this metro area, I feel like the only option left will be to say adios to Anniston/Oxford. I am thankful my relatives have been paying my apartment rent. But, if I don’t make a move, my relatives will be also paying for my groceries as well. Since the Alabama Legislature thinks I am too lazy to work, and they want to re-introduce the work requirements to get food stamps. There are going to be a lot of people starving in Anniston/Oxford starting in 2015, things will just get worse here.

Easily 90-95% of the United States economy is doing better than what you see in Anniston/Oxford. I can’t continue to volunteer my time to promote this community, no one can do that. I believe if I was located in a different area, I would have probably been snatched up by now, and not be unemployed for 3 ½ years now. Several people I know have left the East Alabama region for places like Texas and Oklahoma in the past few months, and I will probably be not far behind. Someone I know has said I should stick around because people know me here. Well, the people that knows me can’t get me hired here. And you need an income to survive these days. I don’t think I will be getting on Social Security disability anytime soon as well.

I easily compare myself to the Jacksonville State University Gamecocks football team. Geek Alabama and the JSU football team have their fans. But, the status quo rules supreme in the Anniston/Oxford metro. The JSU football team has to deal with people and businesses, who care more about Alabama and Auburn rather that the Gamecocks. As for me, I have plenty of people and brands who follow me along, but I struggle with leaders in Anniston/Oxford taking me seriously. And why did ESPN pretty much ignore the JSU football team last weekend? As I would say it, welcome to my world! I have proven many people wrong; I hope the Gamecocks prove people wrong too.

The Anniston/Oxford metro needs something big and great to happen, and soon. Having the Jacksonville State football team winning the national championship would bring instant and great morale into this metro area. So, I will be rooting on the Gamecocks during the NCAA playoffs, you should too!

View The New Video Resume/CV Of Nathan Young


Yes, I have been away for the past few days on Geek Alabama, but I have been doing something amazing behind the scenes and I am now ready to feature it!  Several people on YouTube have done and uploaded their own video resume or CV.  These videos are all very creative, and I drew inspiration from a few of these videos below.  The best part, all of the videos below have resulted in the person getting hired!

So now, it’s my turn!  The Nathan Young Video Resume/CV is all you need to know about me Nathan Young, and why I would fit right in at your business and/or organization.  The video features a scrolling bottomline that features things about me.  The video also included some Quick Hits, or quick and simple facts about me.  All of this got started when I created the Nathan Young Visual Resume with around 11,000 views now!

And now, I have uploaded my Nathan Young Video Resume/CV onto YouTube and Vimeo.  View the videos below, and if you want to see all of my resumes, go to:

If you want to contact me now, e-mail me at

Sunday Discussion: Reflections On Nathan Young’s 28th Birthday

Geek Alabama Discussion

This is the 3,367th post on Geek Alabama, and I have put a lot of pride in every Geek Alabama post I have written.  I have written thousands of posts, taken thousands of pictures, and taken hundreds of videos.  And now, I walk several miles around each day to go to a wi-fi source like a library.  While walking, I have to dodge some drivers who yell cuss words at me, honk their car horns, and even swerve towards me.  This sounds like a not so glamorous life, but let me explain.

Since getting fired from my last job in July 2011, I decided to try something different, and this blog was born.  While writing, I have also been searching for a career, and while I talk about my job search and life struggles.  I have somehow made some people question my decisions and wonder why I am still integrated into mainstream society and not placed into a place where different people go, like a group home. To those people who think I should be placed into a program for people who are severely disabled, you need to get a different outlook on life.  If I was severely disabled, I would not be able to take video of high school events.

picture 9

Or take footage of severe weather events.

picture 6

Or get to interview Kid President, that was a great thing I did!

picture 10

You see, even though I am disabled.  Somehow, some people think they can take advantage of people who don’t deserve to make a living, because they are disabled.  I helped a local TV station in East Alabama set up their social media, without pay.  I took pictures of some events in Anniston, and they said they would pay me, but they never did.  I replied to people who wanted me to review or talk about their things, not to be contacted back.  And the bad hits keep on coming.  My gut feeling says part of the problem is the area where I live at.  And in Anniston/Oxford, the economy is super bad, like South Park bad!


For example, I have told several people via e-mails, social media, and in person to not open a small business in Calhoun County.  Because the success rate for a new small business in Calhoun County is almost at 0%.  Over the past few years, many new small businesses have opened, then closed down a few months later.  And yes, to send a message to leaders in this county, I often talk about small businesses that have closed down in this county.

If you need a another example about how lazy people can be in Calhoun County, I look at the local streets and roads, which the local governments have to maintain.  Here is Coleman Road, which is maintained by both Oxford and Anniston.  On the Oxford side, the city is lazy for not painting road lines where they are needed.  This is a problem on many streets in Oxford.


And in Anniston, they repaint the lines on the road, but they are very lazy in the way they repaint the road with crooked lines and bad paint quality.


And now with the declining populations and tax money, the city of Anniston is about to eliminate more city positions, but it did not stop them from hiring someone who claims to bring in jobs and retail, in my words, good luck with that!  If the city and county is too broke to provide animal services and pick up stray dogs that are roaming around the apartment complex where I live, the city should not have hired someone who claims to bring “economic development.”  And yes, I have taken to social media to highlight the stray animal problem in this town too.

And then I want to talk about how people who lead in Calhoun County are trying to bring the county back, by promoting eco-tourism?  Like that is going to work.  So, the city of Anniston is about to cut a big number of jobs, while spending money painting bike lanes onto the streets?  And other organizations like the chamber is putting out commercials promoting things not in Calhoun County like the Talladega Superspeedway.  Hey, money spent at Talladega benefits Talladega County, not Calhoun County.

And the icing on the cake is when I made this presentation called How To Turn The Anniston / Oxford Area Around.  Yeah, many people who run things in this country did not like me calling them out about why this area is one of the worst economies in the United States, I call this a badge of honor on my part!

So, what is my next move while I am finishing this article in the middle of the night behind a laundry mat so I can use the free wi-fi and not be noticed?  I don’t know!  You see, I know that what I do right now, write on my own website, will not make me hardly any money.  I do get some money from the ads you see on this site every few months, but that is it.  I have been criss-crossing across Alabama and the southeast trying to find a job career.  I have been to many job fairs, and have hundreds of copies of my resume in my apartment.  I have also filled out just about every online job application you can find, with nothing to show for it but rejection e-mails and phone calls.  In fact, I am up to my 1,215th job rejection, and yes I do keep track of it at home.


Some people have criticized me for being mostly negative, and I am sorry if I make your day not so good when I post something negative on this website or on my social media pages.  When mostly everyone you contact rejects you on things ranging from my disability, the way I act, my job history, what I cover, my size, or anything else, you are going to have a negative attitude.  When you were just about to land a volunteer opportunity in Birmingham to work with kids, but got turned down at the last minute, you are going to feel let down.  When a job offer comes through and you think you will be hired, then they call you back telling you not to come, you are going to feel let down.  When people call the police on you because you are walking on the side of the road, you are going to feel let down.  When people at the apartment complex you live at spy on you because you are different, you are going to feel let down, and I could repeat this over and over again, this is not funemployment!

giphy (1)

Face the facts, if you were in my shoes currently, you are going to feel depressed.  If you were in my shoes, you would feel some no positive emotions and mostly think about negative thoughts.  I know, I have seen the stories and social media posts telling you that you need to “think positive.”  But when you are rejected time and time again, all of your positive thoughts will sail like on the Titantic, when you look forward to seeing your positive thoughts hit that iceberg and sink into the ocean.  I would like to make my comparison to someone famous who just passed away.

As you know, Robin Williams committed suicide right around my birthday.  He battled depression and other issues throughout his life, and sadly he could not overcome his emotions.  We will never know what caused Robin Williams to take his own life, but I bet you something bad happened and he thought there was nothing he could do.  When people are rejected time and time again from everything from job rejections, volunteer rejections, love life rejections, and anything else, that person who was rejected will probably do something not so good.

giphy (4)

Some people rejected might commit suicide, some people rejected might commit a crime and go to jail, some people rejected might turn to drugs or alcohol, and yes, some people rejected might give up hope in America and travel to join terrorist groups, like ISIS.  People who are rejected from society time and time again will eventually do something to try to turn around their luck, and quit hitting all the Whammies like on Press Your Luck.  Since I draw some cool road drawings, let me show you a visual example.  Imagine if this is a go-kart track, and while everyone else gets to keep riding the cool track, you have to go to the corral and get out of the go-kart and feel depressed while you sit on the sidelines while everyone else is enjoying the go-karts.  This has been my situation for the past three years.

roads 061

Other people have said to me time and time again that God has a plan for you, and when someone says that, I think to myself “it won’t happen”, or I would not be unemployed for three years now with some people in the area thinking I am a weirdo who should be placed into a group home.  Yeah, one person on social media thinks I should go to a group home, and that no one will hire me on their team because of me having high functioning autism.  Let’s get this straight, yes I have Asperger’s Syndrome, and there are other people with the same disability who are in a great life with a good career and family life.  In my opinion, I think the people in Alabama who thinks people who are different and needs to be away from mainstream society; needs to get the real facts and change their opinions.  In other words, grow up!

I want to feature this piece of paper which is important in my life.  This paper is a test where you pick your favorite colors to reveal your best career field.  Guess what is the top career field, creative!  I guess it makes sense since I am one of the top bloggers/media people in Alabama and America, who is also unemployed.  I am friends with many other bloggers and writers, and I often have new bloggers or writers get some advice from me!  I find it weird that I am this popular, but remain in the unemployment line.  Other people I know have gotten jobs at a TV station, newspaper, or website, and have less experience than me, this does not make any sense!

color 001

For now, I will continue to write, take photos, take videos, review things, and do interviews.  Even if some folks in Alabama and other places thinks all weirdos should be locked away and separated from mainstream society.  And I will continue to job search, and keep growing the job rejection number I keep in my apartment.  So, for the 3,368th time, I am embedding my visual resume with close to 10,000 views now.

And here is my two visual resume infographics.

Every night when I go to bed, I think about what it would be like with a career and income so I can talk about the people who are doing great things in Alabama and the southeast, interview the people with great things coming up, take awesome photos and videos of events, review new small businesses, and much much more!  I wish people here in Alabama and the southeast were more tolerant to people who are different, and would not spy on or call the police on people who are different.  Yes, I do think Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism is facing a PR nightmare, because some people think they are not real disabilities.  But for me, my Asperger’s makes me who I am, and you can not force me to change, end of story!  I can do something, but I need someone to give me that shot!

giphy (2)

If you want to contact me via e-mail, do it at:

Learn more about why you should hire Nathan Young at:

Animation Monday: 2014 Labor Day Political Cartoons

Geek Alabama Animation

On this Animation Monday on a Tuesday, I am highlighting more political cartoons featuring the topic of Labor Day.  I have been unemployed for over three years now and these cartoons below highlight the struggles of unemployed people on Labor Day.  So, enjoy the cartoons!

152973_6008d91338198ec200d6d40501f88a4ad9cos-labor-day-jobs-20110902Labor Day152739_600136841_600153288_600darkowUnemployment CartoonLabor Day 200917_1367235400bc98d1728.preview-620