The Evening Post: SEC Network Alabama / Auburn Take It All In

Geek Alabama Evening Post

Today, ESPN and the upcoming SEC Network released 30 second ads for each school in the SEC Conference.  In this ad series called Take It All In, each video shows a popular sports tradition or feature on each SEC school campus.  And for the two SEC schools in Alabama, the videos were good!  The Alabama video features Bear Bryant speaking in the background while seeing people wearing the classic houndstooth.  The Auburn video features the campus and Toomer’s Corner all decorated with lots and lots of toilet paper.

So, which SEC Network Take It All In video do you like the most?  Alabama, Auburn, or another SEC school.  Enjoy the Alabama and Auburn videos below.  And to learn more about the SEC Network, which launches on August 14th, go to:

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The Southern Geek – Vlog Episode 13 / 2014 Auburn and Alabama Bowl Game Reactions


It has been an interesting week across the sports landscape in Alabama, especially college football.  Alabama faced Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl and Auburn faced Florida State in the BCS National Championship Game.  In my opinion, both Alabama and Auburn blew their bowl games.  Yes, I thought both Alabama and Auburn had excellent chances to win their bowl games.  But mistakes from both teams resulted in loses.  Before you read my thoughts, enjoy episode 13 of The Southern Geek where I talk about this post.

I thought Auburn played an excellent first half inside the Rose Bowl.  They controlled Florida State’s offense and Jameis Winston and the QB really struggled during the first half.  Auburn QB Nick Marshall and their offense pounded the ball and the score was soon 21-3.  But while watching the game, I knew Florida State had a chance to come back, and they did.  Florida State scored a touchdown and it was 21-10 at the half.  But I still had confidence Auburn could control the game and win it, I was wrong!  After what must have been a dicey locker room speech for Florida State during halftime, they came out swinging during the 2nd half.

The 3rd quarter of the game was mostly even for both teams.  Both sides had possessions and both sides were mostly punting the ball away.  But the 4th quarter was Florida State’s shining moment.  It induced a 100 yard run for a touchdown, Auburn interception, Auburn committing a pass interference penalty in the endzone, and the Auburn defense falling asleep at the wheel.  What happened Auburn, you had Florida State for three-quarters.  It was like during the Georgia and Alabama games where they came back in the fourth quarter, expect this time there was no miracle.’

Auburn ran out of luck, and they watched Florida State raise the crystal football.  Most of the country, who are SEC haters, instantly celebrated because the SEC lost!  ESPN, Fox Sports, and other sports networks and radio shows have pounded away at the SEC because they are really happy they lost!  I would not be surprised if the staff at ESPN’s headquarters in Bristol even celebrated.  The smack talk against the SEC has been at record levels since the Auburn loss.  How many times the celebration song from Kool and the Gang has been played today.  It’s a celebration, the SEC is not the best conference in sports right now, not for now at least.  The honor goes to the ACC.

Auburn gave up the biggest lead ever in BCS Championship history, and they deserved to lose.  I still give props to the team and Gus Malzahn for the great season.  I never fought Auburn would reach the national championship game.  I thought they would win 7-8 games and go to a bowl game.  Some Auburn fans still rolled Toomer’s Corner last night even though Auburn lost.

I know most Alabama fans were rooting for Auburn last night, but there were some fans saying “Roll Noles Roll” last night.  You know your team also blew it in the Sugar Bowl as well right?  Alabama was dominated by Oklahoma and they never had a good chance.  Why does Alabama always lose their bowl games when it’s not the BCS National Championship game?  Did the Iron Bowl loss really effect them that much?  Surely, they did not want to be embarrassed like when they lost to Utah.  So to sum things up, both Alabama and Auburn had great seasons, but both teams failed to finish.  And the entire country thanks Alabama and Auburn for losing so the SEC could finally lose, celebration!

So with college football now over until Fall 2014, could the state of Alabama concentrate on more pressing issues.  Like creating more jobs so we are not the second worst job creating state in the country.  Or how about having the Alabama Legislature passing some bills that would help poorer people be better off.  How about the legislature and leaders concentrate on helping East Alabama prosper so Anniston/Oxford is not the second worst performing metro area in America, or Gadsden is not the fourth poorest city in America, or Sylacauga/Talladega is not the fifth poorest region in America.  Alabama needs to concentrate on different things other than college football.  Maybe it was a good thing both Alabama and Auburn lost their bowl games.

One thing is for sure, I am glad the BCS is now a thing of the past.  I look forward to the college playoff system in 2014!

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The Southern Geek – Vlog Episode 11 / Iron Bowl, The Sound of Music Live, Nelson Mandela


Here is my latest The Southern Geek vlog video!  This video talks about my thoughts about  Auburn winning the 2013 Iron Bowl, by the way, congrats to Auburn for being SEC champs!  The video also talks about my thoughts about The Sound of Music Live and the life of Nelson Mandela.  Enjoy the video!

The Southern Geek – Vlog Episode 10 / My 2013 Iron Bowl Pick


This year is the mother of all Iron Bowls where #1 Alabama and #4 Auburn will face off.  So in this Southern Geek Vlog Video, I discuss my pick to win the 2013 Iron Bowl.  It’s a pick most people are not expecting, enjoy the video!

The Evening Post: 2013 Iron Bowl -The Rivalry Music Anthem

Geek Alabama Evening Post

This Saturday, #1 Alabama will travel to #4 Auburn to play in the 2013 Iron Bowl!  This game will be the biggest game ever in the history of this matchup.  The winner will win the SEC West and will have a great shot of playing in the BCS Championship Game!  Later in the week, I will come out with my predictions and game pick.  But for now, I wanted to share this great music video from Walker Hayes.  The video was uploaded in August but it will get plenty of airtime this week!  This song is an anthem that speaks to the intense rivalry that is the Iron Bowl!  This song is written and performed by Walker Hayes.

Buy the song on iTunes at:  Enjoy the music video!