Roadscapes Wednesday: Five New And Awesome Road Drawings

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This week on Roadscapes Wednesday, I am featuring five brand and spanking new road drawings!  Yep, all five of these road drawings feature something different.  The first drawing is a lane control setup coming to an end.  The second drawing features a freeway border inspection and checkpoint.  The third drawing features an unique intersection where the main road does not interact with the side road.  The fourth road drawing features crossing a railroad track and being at a freeway junction.  And the final road drawing features a freeway interchange on a curvy and mountain road.

I hope you enjoy my handy work.  And if you want to know how I draw these, just click on the road drawings tab up top!

roads 072roads 073roads 074roads 075roads 076

Roadscapes Wednesday: My New Handcrafted Roadscapes Signs

Roadscapes Geek Alabama

On this Roadscapes, on a Thursday.  I am showing off my new road signs I designed to be used in future roadscapes videos.  All of the signs are blue, and all the signs are logo based, with hardly any words.  Because most of the world used logo based signage.  As you can see, it took me a few weeks to put this together!  Enjoy!

Roadscapes Wednesday: Three New Road Drawings Including An ALDOT Bashing

Roadscapes Geek Alabama

This week on Roadscapes Wednesday, I am including three new road drawings!  The first road drawing features a part of an interchange coming to a traffic light.  The second road drawing features a top of a large hill with passing zones coming to an end on both sides.  I also included a truck pulloff.  The third road drawing, is a bashing against ALDOT.  I drew this because ALDOT is corrupt, and it includes parts of the road missing, crooked paint lines, speed cameras, lights not working, and toll responders.  Since Alabama wants to toll our roads.  Enjoy my road art!

roads 069roads 070roads 071

Roadscapes Wednesday: Two New Road Drawings And A Traffic Light Video

Roadscapes Geek Alabama

This week on Roadscapes Wednesday, I am featuring two brand new road drawings!  The first road drawing is a new year’s special.  Imagine you are on a highway and are faced with two decisions.  One way takes you onto a bridge towards heaven, the other way takes you into a tunnel towards hell.  Which way would you take?  That is my new year’s resolution road drawing!

roads 061

The second road drawing is a tight interchange!  I mean, with development close to the highway on both sides leading up to a major airport, I had to get creative making this freeway interchange, I did a good job!

roads 068

And now here is another road video!  This is 10 minutes of the Coleman Road and Greenbrier Road traffic light!  As you can see, this was taken during rush hour and while it was getting dark.  Enjoy!

Roadscapes Wednesday: When Will Snow Street In Oxford Get Repaved

Roadscapes Geek Alabama

So, I am noticing something while walking alongside the side of the road in Oxford.  Snow Street between AL-21 and US 78 is a 5-lane road.  But, the road’s condition is in very bad shape.  When I did my Roadscapes video profiling Quintard Ave., I also got footage of Snow St.  And you can see the camera shaking like crazy while on Snow Street.

So, City of Oxford.  When is Snow Street going to be repaved?  Sure, you did some patch work on the worst trouble spots, but that is not going to save this road from needing to be repaved!


For starters, the road has sunk so much that you have a big bump while going over the ditch at Snow Creek.


Parts of the road have major cracks running down the middle or across the road.

15 - 1 (1)15 - 1 (5)15 - 1 (6)

Parts of the road has no paint lines left, because traffic and weather has worn the paint away.

15 - 1 (8)15 - 1IMAG1551

The ditches on the side of the road are filled with dirt and grass, and this causes major water overflows onto the road when it rains.

15 - 1 (4)

And the overall road quality is very poor!

IMAG1552IMAG154115 - 1 (2)

This road is troublesome for a couple of reasons.  One, with the lack of paint and reflectors, some people have a hard time driving on this road.  I have seen people mistake the center lane as a regular driving lane.  Two, when it rains, massive amounts of water floods the right lane, making the lane useless.  And three, the road is giving out, and it’s very bumpy!

So, when will Oxford repave this road, or does it have the funds to repave this road?  That is the question!