Roadscapes Wednesday: 49th and 50th Geek Alabama Road Drawings

Roadscapes Geek Alabama

I have been drawing roads all of my life, but I have reached my 50th road drawing since I started the Geek Alabama blog!  So in this Roadscapes post, I am featuring my 49th and 50th road drawing.  The first road drawing features a simple 2-lane freeway with a left hand exit for a rest area.  The unique feature is the truck way-in-motion in the right lane.  The second road drawing features a 2-lane highway at a traffic light intersection.  The unique thing here is the one-way bridge for a park road.

If you want to learn more about how I draw my road drawings, click on the link at: or view the SlideShare presentation below!

roads 049roads 050

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The Evening Post: How I Draw My Road Drawings Presentation

Geek Alabama Evening Post

Tonight I wanted to feature my brand new presentation over on SlideShare.  And this presentation is about something I love to do, drawing roads!  The presentation is called How I Draw My Road Drawings, and the presentation comes from the Road Drawings page.  I am basically showing off my creative side to another website.  So enjoy my presentation, and to learn more go to:

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Roadscapes Wednesday: Two Road Drawings About The American Dream

Roadscapes Geek Alabama

A little over two weeks ago, I wrote this post about why I believe the American Dream is dead for me.  The post went viral and many people read it, thank you!  So for this Roadscapes Wednesday post, I am showing off two road drawings illustrating the American Dream.  The first road drawing illustrates the different directions you could possibly go after the American Dream has died.  The second road drawing is very simple, one direction takes you toward the American Dream, the other direction takes you to the end of the American Dream.

Being unemployed for over 30 months hurts, and living in a region that is consistently ranked as one of the worst in America also hurts.  So enjoy my road drawings, I am also embedding my visual resume below, enjoy!

roads 047roads 048

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Roadscapes Wednesday: Six New Road Drawings To Ring In 2014

Roadscapes Geek Alabama

Geek Alabama did not do a Roadscapes post last week since it was Christmas.  But we are going to do one for New Year’s Day!  And this Roadscapes post is going to feature six brand new road drawings from Nathan Young.  Yep, I have been busy drawing these roads in the past few months and now I wanted to feature them!  Enjoy my work!

road 001roads 042roads 043roads 044roads 045roads 046

Roadscapes Wednesday: Tips For A Safe Travel Season

Roadscapes Geek Alabama

This week for Thanksgiving and for the upcoming Christmas season, many people will be flying, driving, or taking the bus/train to another destination.  Sure, most people will think they will have no problems while traveling, but things can happen from congestion, accidents, flight delays, and more!  So let me show you some smart travel tips for anyone who is traveling this holiday season.  First off, the people who are flying.

For anyone who is flying, start off by getting to the airport early.  Parking lots close to the airport will fill up quickly which means you will have to park far away and it will take longer to get inside the airport.  Don’t forget about check-in lines, as well as security lines which will be usually longer than normal.   Also, remember airlines require bags to be checked up to an hour early, and planes start boarding 15 to 20 minutes before departure, so make sure to be present at the gate before boarding is called.

If you are driving to a destination, the roads will not be like the empty paradise where you can drive as fast as you want.  The roads will be more crowded than normal.  And throw in snow and ice, and it will make your drive times even longer.  You must allow more time to get to your destination.  And if you do encounter winter driving conditions, SLOW DOWN!  One smart way to keep up to date with travel conditions is go to the state’s department of transportation website.  Many states have instant online road conditions and most states even have a 511 number you can call for conditions.

While traveling, make sure you have your important documents with you at all times.  Pack snacks and games for the little ones so they will not get bored.  Travel on non busy days like Christmas Eve or Thanksgiving Day.  And, everyone must have a “Plan-B” just in case something bad happens.  Watch this video below to see what travelers have to face for the Thanksgiving travel season, stay safe!