Roadscapes Wednesday: The Traffic Lights In My Apartment

Roadscapes Geek Alabama

This week on Roadscapes Wednesday, I am showcasing all of the traffic lights I have in my apartment with this video below!  I have lighted two of my traffic lights, with more to come!  So, if you collecting road stuff, you will like this video below!  Enjoy!

Roadscapes Wednesday: Video About The Dangers Of Driving Slow In The Left Lane

Roadscapes Geek Alabama

On this Roadscapes Wednesday post, on a Thursday, I am talking about why every state including Alabama, needs to have a so called “Slow-Poke Law.”  As of now, most states in America has a law that prohibits drivers from going too slow in the left lane, or the passing lane.  Here in Alabama, many drivers, including me, have seen their fair share of drivers going way too slow in the left lane.  And this means drivers have to get into the right lane to go around the slow car in the left lane, it’s not right!

So below, I am embedding this educational video from Safer Roads For Cumbria  showing you the details and the reasons why hogging the left lane is not only not thoughtful, but also annoying and dangerous.  If you like to hog the left lane, even if you are driving the speed limit, do yourself a favor, and get over!  Other drivers thank you for it.

Roadscapes Wednesday: Geek Alabama Road Drawings 58, 59, 60

Roadscapes Geek Alabama

On this Roadscapes Wednesday, I am featuring the 58th, 59th, and 60th Geek Alabama road drawings!  The three road drawings feature a rural freeway intersection, a rural freeway interchange, and a huge traffic light intersection!  Enjoy my work!

roads 058roads 059roads 060

Roadscapes Wednesday: Five New Road Drawings Including a 28th Birthday Drawing

Roadscapes Geek Alabama

On this Roadscapes Wednesday, I am showing off five new road drawings!  These road drawings vary from a 2-lane road becoming one way streets, traffic light intersection with one way streets, one interesting intersection, a downtown square with HAWK signals, and a road drawing thanking the supporters of Geek Alabama and my 28th birthday, enjoy!

roads 053roads 054roads 055roads 056roads 057

Roadscapes Wednesday: Video Bashing Of The Tar And Gravel On AL-281

Roadscapes Geek Alabama

If you have noticed, we are taking it slowly this week since it’s the week of the 4th of July.  So for this Roadscapes, I am featuring a video where I bash ALDOT once again.  Many cyclists do not like the gravel placed on AL-281 or the Talladega Scenic Drive.  Every year during the Cheaha Challenge, cyclists have a hard time navigating then gravel, and on some parts of the road, most of the gravel has come off!  You expect the tar and gravel treatment on some less traveled county road, but not on a state highway!  Here are some pictures from me.

cheaha 1 136cheaha 1 149cheaha 2 015cheaha 1 271

So, I found this video where the person took the classic movie clip where Hitler yells at everyone, and he turns it into another bashing from this state’s DOT.  The video is a compliant about the tar and gravel treatment on AL-281.  For a state that has no social media presence or YouTube channel, by they way, every state’s DOT around Alabama has social media accounts and a YouTube channel, this video should serve a purpose for some major changes inside ALDOT, I have proposed changes, but nothing has happened.  So from the YouTube channel stan0614, enjoy the video!