Great Inspirational Videos

There have been some great inspirational videos to show up in the last few days.  These videos should put a smile on anyone’s face!

Britain’s Got Talent

The opera performance by Charlotte and Jonathan blew away the entire audience.  And it has now gone viral all over the world.  Let’s face it.  No one thought these two had any talent in them and the judges were ready to push those buttons.  But first looks should not be judged by anyone.  I do hope these two get very far in the competition.  They are already winners and have great careers ahead.

Fiona the Dog

This video shows rescue workers finding a dog abandoned by someone in southern California.  The people discovered the dog was blind and had a flea infestation.  But the story gets much better.  The dog was taken to the vet and had surgery to have the dog see again in one eye.  The results show one very happy dog!  I do hope whoever abandoned the dog is found and put in jail!