Sunday Discussion: The Miracle Auburn Iron Bowl Win

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I was watching the 2013 Iron Bowl on Saturday like many other people across Alabama were.  I thought Alabama was going to have their way and win the game again until the last minute of the game.  First, Auburn scored a touchdown to tie the game.  Then Alabama got the ball back and got to mid-field.  Nick Saban lobbied the officials to put 1 second back on the clock, and the rest is history.  Yes folks, one second can mean everything in football!

Kudos for Gus Malzahn and the Auburn Tigers for winning the 2013 Iron Bowl.  Most sports analysts in Alabama picked Alabama to win the game.  But a few did pick Auburn in the upset, including me.  I had a feeling early Saturday morning that somehow Auburn was going to pull off the upset.  Then I made my latest Southern Geek video, and the rest is history!

I need to let you know about this, on Monday December 9th, Auburn coach Gus Malzahn will be speaking at the TV 24 Pigskin Roundup All Star Banquet at Word Alive Church in Oxford, AL.  If you want to see the coach fresh off the SEC Championship Game, tickets are $20 each.  To get tickets, call 256-831-4624 or visit their offices on US 78 East in Oxford.  Go to their Facebook page at:

Congrats Auburn for then crazy win.  The entire state was shocked by the final result!  I hope the Auburn Tigers will bring the BCS Crystal Ball back to Alabama once again.  But if Florida State and Ohio State are in the BCS Championship Game, I hope Ohio State wins since I am from Ohio.  I will leave you with some crazy fan reactions from the game!

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UCP Telethon Silent Auction 2013


The UCP Telethon is currently underway at the Anniston City Meeting Center.  And one of the highlights at the telethon is the silent auction.  Many items are available for bid during the telethon.  You can either place a bid in person or you can call in your bids at 256-240-2446 from 12-5:30 pm on Sunday.  Please also make a donation to the UCP of East Central Alabama by calling 888-437-9696.  Here are the general items you can find at the silent auction.  The auction closes on Sunday August 4th at 5:30 pm central.

Watch the telethon online at:

Autographed Alabama football from Nick Saban

ucp 1 004

Autographed Jacksonville State University football from Bill Clark and William Meehan.

ucp 1 011

Signed picture from former Auburn head coach Gene Chizik.

ucp 1 005

Picture of the final roll from Toomer’s Corner and a piece of bark from the trees.

ucp 1 009

Alabama pictures and artwork.

ucp 1 002ucp 1 012ucp 1 016

Diamond ring valued at $750.

ucp 1 020

Silver necklace valued at $300 and a ruby chain.

ucp 1 023

Two white spiral lamps.

ucp 1 024

Two red maples and a 5 x 7.5 rug valued at $200.

ucp 1 028

Alabama, Auburn, and Batman wood toy bikes.  Valued at $250 each.

ucp 1 031

A grill and a zero gravity lounge chair.

ucp 1 033

Daniel Moore Alabama print and a metal sun wall hanging.

ucp 1 035

Texas Motif Wall Hangings.

ucp 1 037

Braves vs. Mets baseball tickets and two passes to JSU Drama plays.

ucp 1 045

Two Talladega Superspeedway packages.  One features tri oval tower tickets, the other features O.V. Hill North President tickets. Both packages includes pit passes!

ucp 1 047

Autographed items from Brad Paisley.

ucp 1 049

Handmade Wooden Chest

ucp 1 051

Johnson Guitar

ucp 1 052

Adirondack Chair

ucp 1 056

And a giant size Mac the Pony from Wells Fargo!

ucp 1 055

There are many more items you can bid on in this silent auction.  So come on down to the Anniston City Meeting Center on Sunday August 4th.  The silent auction closes on Sunday August 4th at 5:30 pm central.  You do not have to be present to bid, you can call in your bids at 256-240-2446 from 12-5:30 pm on Sunday.  All money raised goes to Untied Cerebral Palsy of East Alabama.

UCP Telethon Silent Auction 2012

First the updated Olympic Medal Count.  The United States still leads!  (as of 8-4 10pm central)

The UCP Telethon is currently underway at the Anniston City Meeting Center.  And one of the highlights at the telethon is the silent auction.  Many items are available for bid during the telethon.  You can either place a bid in person or you can call in your bids at 256-240-2417 or 256-240-2446.  Please also make a donation to the UCP of East Central Alabama by calling 256-240-2373 or 888-437-9696.  Here are the general items you can find at the silent auction.

There are some special items available at this silent auction that just might want you to come on down or call and place a bid.  The first item is a signed photograph from the late Andy Griffith.

Or how about some artwork from some artists?

Would you like to have a Alabama football autographed by Nick Saban?

How about an Auburn baseball autographed by Tim Hudson.

How about some artwork from Alabama Football?

How about a classic Auburn or Alabama Coke bottle?

There are also some great gift certificates to some great sporting events.  How about some great tickets to the October Talladega race.

How about some great tickets to next year’s Honda Grand Prix of Alabama.

How about some great tickets to JSU Football.

How about a great turkey hunt package.

How about a chance to win a deer hunt.

How about free tickets to the JSU Drama Department Plays.

Or tickets to the Dwight Yocum concert in Montgomery.

Or tickets to the Circle of Champions with guest speaker Jeremiah Castille.

How about a wine, cheese, and chocolate package.

This antique mirror would be great for your home.

Anyone would love this electric guitar, base, and amp.

Anyone would also love this flat screen TV.

I am sure anyone would love having this wooden porch swing.

This Rockin’ Harley was made by a grandfather whose child has cerebral palsy.  Let’s hope this goes for a high bid.

If you do not live in the Anniston area you have the opportunity to call and place your bid on any item.  Call 256-240-2417 or 256-240-2446 and place your bid.  You can only place bids on any silent auction items from 12 noon to 5pm central on Sunday.  Get your bids in!

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Video Roundup

It’s time for another edition of Video Roundup.  The best videos I have seen from the past week.

Hate Religion But Love Jesus

A powerful video about false religion and Jesus.  This is a must watch video!

Nick Saban Dance

This edited video of Nick Saban dancing after the Gatorade bath is too funny!

Wedding Dance

Funny video of a group dance with a Justin Bieber song playing.

No Pants in the Subway

Weird video with people wearing nothing but their shirts and underwear while riding in the subway.

One Brave Girl

This girl stared at a lion with only glass separating them.  The lion’s reaction is cute!

President Obama Singing

Using various clips of Obama singing Born This Way by Lady Gaga.

Fireworks Explosion

You hate it when all the fireworks go off at once.

Dog In the Ocean

A dog swam up to a guy in a boat in the Gulf of Mexico.  Sadly the dog’s owner was killed in a hit and run.

Sloth Bath Time

Cute video of sloths getting a bath by people.

Bungee Jump Disaster

It is very scary when the bungee cord snaps and you plunge into a crocodile infested river.

The Joy of Books

A video showing what books do in a store after it closes.  A very good video.

Airplane Singers

A group of college choir students singing while on the runway.

Braille Burgers

Wimpy burgers used sesame seeds as braille so blind people could read.  Good video!

Women Flashmob

A group of 250 women in Israel held a flash mob.  This was some good dancing.

Song Done African Style

The Coldplay song Paradise done African style.  Good sounds in this video.

Pizza Face And Homeless Dogs

Faces on Pizza

The people at Famous Joe’s Pizzeria in Madison Alabama know how to show off great art skills in there pizzas.  That actually use mozzarella cheese to carve out a face of anyone.

Yes; that is Alabama head football coach Nick Saban made out of pizza cheese.  They use a special kind of cheese and use knives and scissors to make out the faces of people.

And this is Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.  As you can see the artwork is very good.  They bake the pizza crust then layer it with pizza sauce.  Then they do accurate work to create a face of a person made out of cheese.  This is something new I have never seen before and it looks great.  And they even plan to expand soon to include anyone to have the face made out of cheese.  And by the way the two pizzas shown are going to be shown off in Huntsville while the BCS trophy is on display.

Dogs Abandoned Alongside Roads

There has been a couple of stories lately about people just leaving dogs alongside a road.  The good news in both of these cases is the dogs were rescued.  First singer Carrie Underwood saw two dogs just abandoned alongside a highway.  Sadly one of the dogs was already dead but the other dog was rescued and treated.  That dog is now living at a great home.

The other story here in Alabama is when a dog now named Adele was thrown out of a car off I-20/59.  This story gets worse because someone witnessed the people throwing the dog out like trash.  This dog has been rescued and is being treated.

A Facebook page has been created to help pay for Adele’s vet bills.

Both of these stories is just so sad.  Why do some people treat dogs like pieces of trash?  Why do some people train dogs to fight each other?  And more importantly; why do people not spay or neuter there dogs to help control the pet population.  Lately dogs have been getting a bad rap and that needs to change.  How about some good news stories involving dogs like this one from CNN.