Why I Pick The Broncos To Win Super Bowl 48


Update:  Well, some years you pick correctly, and some years you pick the wrong team.  The Seahawks deserved that win, what happened Broncos?  Seahawks win Super Bowl 48, 43-8.  Enjoy my custom photo!

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On Sunday, the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks will meet in New York City in Super Bowl 48, or what some people are calling the Weed Bowl.  And yes, I am picking the Denver Broncos to win Super Bowl 48.  No, it has nothing to do with the Denver Broncos and the Auburn Tigers having the same colors.  This game will be played at MetLife Stadium and outdoors!  Usually, Super Bowls are played in indoor stadiums to prevent any weather issues.  Thankfully, there are going to be no weather issues in this Super Bowl, unless you don’t like the cold weather.  Even though the weather will not be an issue, I guarantee one thing, this is going to be a high scoring and exciting game!  Check out this video of puppy predictors from Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, I agree with this pick!

Yes, I know the Seattle Seahawks has had a great season.  They played well against the 49ers during the NFC Championship Game, but they almost lost that game.  Meanwhile, the Broncos pretty much tore apart the Patriots during the AFC Championship Game.   Let’s be honest, the Broncos has had a record-breaking season mostly thanks to QB Peyton Manning.  After Peyton had neck surgery and was released by the Colts, he’s got a chip on his shoulder.  I mean, he is playing to take revenge right now, and to tell all the naysayers out there, that he can still win championships.  And sorry Seahawks fans, even a flight path of the number 12 made by an airplane, representing the 12th man, is not going to help you here!


So here are the reasons I pick the Broncos to win Super Bowl 48:

Jacksonville Jaguars v Denver BroncosQB Peyton Manning is having a record-breaking season.  He has broken the NFL records for passing touchdowns and yards.  And he has helped the Broncos offense to be the number 1 scoring offense this season.  Yeah, I know the Seahawks has the number 1 scoring defense this season.  But I think the Broncos will make the right plays to score past the Seahawks defense.

Super-Bowl-NFL-American-Football-Denver-Broncos-Seattle-Seahawks-456653The Broncos are used to playing in cold weather, since they are in Denver.  The weather will be cold, but dry, and the Broncos will play well.  The team is 6-0, when they have more than 7 days to prepare.  The team is 4-0 against NFC teams.  And the Broncos have more postseason and Super Bowl experience.  The entire Seahawks roster, except for one player, has no Super Bowl experience, and that will hurt the Seahawks.

downloadBroncos kicker Matt Prater has had a great season!  He broke the NFL record with his 64 yard field goal this season.  And he has been very accurate this season with 25 of 26 successful field goal attempts in the regular season, including 6 of 7 from 50 or more yards.  When the game is on the line, Matt Prater could be the difference of the Broncos winning or losing.  And yes, Matt Prater will be 100% healthy for the game!

1604868_10151950341638697_1579416129_nOn the Chinese calendar, it’s the year of the horse!  Sure, My Little Pony and their characters will be getting a lot of buzz this year, but as you know, the Broncos mascot is a horse!  Since most of Asia is celebrating the horse right about now, you know who they will be rooting for!  And in a 2005 episode of The Simpsons, they picked the Broncos to win against the Seahawks by a final score of 19-14.  Yep, sometimes luck is on your side!

Sometimes, teams who get lucky, like the Seahawks, can win the Super Bowl.  But I am afraid the Seahawks has not seen a team so put together like the Broncos.  Peyton’s brother Eli Manning has won a Super Bowl at the Colts stadium when Peyton was playing with the Colts.  And I think Peyton is going to win a Super Bowl in Eli’s stadium.  And after the Broncos win, the Manning’s will go down as the best football family in NFL history!  These are the reasons I pick the Broncos to win Super Bowl 48 with a final score of 28-24!

Even the video game EA Sports Madden 25 has picked the Broncos to win the Super Bowl!  Watch below!

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The Evening Post: The Walking Dead Season 4 Returns / Bad Lip Reading of the NFL

Geek Alabama Evening Post

To end your Friday night, I am featuring two videos for you to enjoy!  The first video from AMC is a trailer for the return of The Walking Dead.  You see your main cast talking about what is going to come during the last eight episodes of season 4, and it’s worth watching! The second video from Bad Lip Reading is a glorious misunderstanding of various NFL players and coaches, it’s very funny!  Enjoy both videos!


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The Evening Post: A Guide To American Football

Geek Alabama Evening Post

How about a great animated video explaining American Football or the NFL to wrap up your night?  This video from the YouTube channel Fraser Davidson explains how American football works for the people in Great Britain.  The video is directed, written, and animated by himself, kindly voiced by the great guys over at Adventures in Design podcast.  All sound work by Morgan Samuel.  Enjoy the video!


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Sunday Discussion: The 11-17-13 Midwest Severe Weather Outbreak

Geek Alabama Discussion

Today was a rough day across the midwest.  As of this writing, six people have been killed in Illinois and over 70 preliminary tornado reports and over 400 total severe weather were reported today.  This post is going to highlight some of the top photos and videos of the destruction today.  These people are going need some help.  Washington Illinois was one of the hardest hit towns today, these images from Twitter are tough to see.

This video from the YouTube channel Mike Brady shows the damage from Washington, IL taken with Google Glass.

Here is another video from the YouTube channel 28storms where Richard Williams took this video.

Here are more Twitter images from the tornadoes in Illinois from places like Centralia, Gifford, LaSalle County, Gardner, Peoria, Roanoke, and Pekin.

One issue I had today was the NFL not delaying the Ravens vs. Bears game until the storms were right on top of the stadium.  I shared this image from WNST and it got retweeted by many.  Thanks for sharing that image!

Here are videos of the tornadoes and storm damage from the YouTube channels Live Storms NetworkKDR Media, and US Tornadoes via Karla Konieczki.

The storms then moved into Indiana.  Here are tornado and damage pictures from Bone Gap, Lebanon, and Kokomo.

Here is one more video showing the tornadoes and damage from Indiana and Illinois from the YouTube channel StormChasingVideo.

And at the end of the day, the storm chasers did help out the people who were affected by the storms.  Plus you need a sunset of the tough day.

If you want to help the victims of the tornadoes today, the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army can use some donations.  To give to the American Red Cross online, click here.  You can also donate $10 via mobile by texting REDCROSS to 90999.  To donate to the Salvation Army online, click here.  You can donate $10 via mobile by texting STORM to 80888.  I also wanted to highlight the team from Peoria TV station WEEK-TV for actually taking cover before the tornado hit their TV station.  When severe weather is coming, take cover!

And before I wrap this post up, I wanted to talk about The Weather Channel.  Last Tuesday, they came out with new weather graphics for all of their live programming.  Everything from the radars to the forecast computers were updated.  Now, weather information is scrolling at the bottom of the screen 24/7, even during commercials.  Here is a before and after video.

TWC did a good job with the live weather coverage today, but my only problem is the addition of even more non weather programming.  Unless severe weather is happening, you will see reality programming on TWC from 2-5 pm and 8 pm until 4 am the next morning.  On weekends, TWC will show other programming from 2 pm until 4:30 am the next morning.  All times are Eastern.  I guess they have to show something when the weather is non-eventful since people won’t watch.  Yep, I miss the old days of The Weather Channel.

The Richie Incognito Problems And Why Bullying Must Be Stopped


Bullying has gotten way out of control around the world.  It’s not just in schools anymore, people have been bullied at the workplace, while driving, while shopping, and even at home.  Bullying has gotten to epidemic proportions.  And us the people must find ways to end the bullying problem once and for all.  Sadly, bullying has now gotten into sports as well.  Over the weekend, Miami Dolphins player Richie Incognito was suspended by the team after he was caught using racial slurs and threats of physical violence in voicemails.

Even though Richie Incognito has been suspended, he will be kicked off the team.  In fact, his jersey number has already been pulled from the team’s store.  The player who was being bullied was Jonathan Martin, and he decided to take a leave of absence after his food was thrown into the floor in the team’s cafeteria.  Look, every locker room is going to have its general playing around and jokes like pranks, towel snaps, general ribbing, etc.  For a guy to just get up and walk away is something most everyone would never do, I think there is a lot more to this story.

Sadly, this guy has an extremely long rap sheet of offenses due to his reckless behavior from College all the way up into the NFL.  He was kicked off the team while at Nebraska and was even arrested for assault.  He then enrolled at Oregon but he was soon kicked off that team as well.  He then went pro and joined the St. Louis Rams but he racked up 38 penalties in 44 games.  He even criticized the fans for not cheering for the team when they were 2-8.  Of course the fans booed back at him.  In 2009, he was named the NFL’s dirtiest player during a Sporting News poll of 99 players.  He then had a verbal altercation with the head coach and was released.  He played three games at Buffalo and then he signed with the Dolphins. 

I hope the Dolphins knew who they were signing, because he continued to get into trouble there.  He engaged at another player after a dirty play, he was involved in an altercation in a Miami night club, he admitted during an interview that he stays out all night partying and using drugs and alcohol, and he was bullying other players inside the locker room.  He’s already been kicked off 3 NFL teams.  And most likely, he will not be playing in the NFL again, a video like this from TMZ should warn any team who are thinking about signing him.  (This video has bad language)

After reading the comments from people on sports websites who are talking about this story, I wanted to add my own thoughts about this issue.  Many people have already commented saying the NFL is turning into a flag football league where it’s destroying its self wit and any snitches don’t belong in the league.  The NFL should not be home to anyone who causes problems in the locker room, on the field, and while not on the job.  Sure, there could be the occasional fight or altercation in the locker room, these guys are full of testosterone and sometimes it needs to be used.

But when a player gets to the point where he is sabotaging their team for on the field problems and they are bullying multiple players while on the team, that goes too far.  When a player starts using racial slurs against other players, that goes too far.  When a player gets in trouble with the law multiple times, that goes too far.  When a player criticizes the fans because the team has a losing record, that goes too far.  And when a player gets physical against players on their own team, that goes too far!  There’s a difference between a player who teases another player with a towel snap and a player who hurls racial slurs because they don’t like that player.  Stuff like that will bring down the team’s morale which means the team will lose more.

Players who have had behavioral problems while playing in the NFL often don’t do very well.  Remember Terrell Owens, he came from the same high school I graduated from!  And now he is back home in Alexander City and was recently featured on Iyanla: Fix My Life.  Mr. Owens was known for his problems while on the field and he has found himself out of work and hopeless.  Hopefully Iyanla Vanzant helped Terrell Owens change for the better.  Other football players in the NFL, college, and even high school needs to remember this one rule.  If you become a bad player who causes massive problems on and off the field, you will not be playing football for long.

Workplaces needs to work with their employees to make sure bullying ends once and for all.  That goes for schools as well!  Bullying has become a massive problem across the world and some people just ignore the problems bullying is causing in our society.  I was bullied by many people while I was in school.  Even in the workplace, some employees were bullying me.  I am often a bully target and I get tired of other people who bully me.  People who bully others needs to know that you are hurting others, not just the ones you are bullying.  People who are bullied have often harmed themselves including committing suicide.  Do you want to know that you indirectly killed someone for the rest of your life?  If you are bullying others, please get some help!  I hope Richie Incognito gets the help he needs!