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Tonight, I am featuring a new video from the Vimeo channel , and this video is about a project Ivan Cash is doing called Last Photo.  Ivan has been in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, and other cities asking random strangers about the last photo on their phone.  Ivan was recently in Alabama and asked strangers in Auburn, Opelika, and Montgomery about the last photo on their smartphones, it’s an interesting watch, enjoy!

The Hidden Cash Craze In Alabama Is Not A Good Idea


Whenever you hide cash and announce that free cash is hiding somewhere, prepare to see people doing whatever it takes to get that cash!  The Twitter account @HiddenCash is going around and hiding cash around San Francisco and Los Angeles.  An anonymous millionaire in California is tweeting out clues to where cash is hidden, and the amounts range from $10 to $500.  Other major cities across the country are also having some kind of hidden cash event.  So, how does this Hidden Cash thing work, so people like this person below can celebrate holding up some cash?

The anonymous millionaire is hiding cash in certain areas of a city, then he tweets out clues to where the cash is at.  The result?  People acting like crazy to find the cash.

It’s one big scavenger hunt!  And now, the craze is coming to Alabama, and the city of Montgomery, thanks to the baseball team the Montgomery Biscuits.  Starting this Friday at 12 noon, the Montgomery Biscuits will tweet out clues to hidden cash in the Montgomery Metro using the Twitter account @HiddenCashMGM.  The cash hunt will involve most of the Montgomery Metro.  The hunt for cash will then move to Riverwalk Stadium at 6 pm when the stadium will open to the public without a ticket during the 8th inning and clues will continue until all envelopes are found.

Not surprisingly, some people are concerned that certain people are so desperate for cash, they will be pushing, shoving, snatching, and grabbing their way to the money.  So, I don’t know if this hidden cash thing in Alabama is a very good idea?  With Alabama being the only state in America experiencing an uptick in unemployment, and people struggling to live day-to-day, I think a better idea would be to use that cash and help people who needs help!  For states like Texas, California, and others with better economies, going to find Hidden Cash is a fun thing to do.  But Alabama has a lot of poor people, who are desperate for any help they can get!

The person behind Hidden Cash wants people to tweet their cash finds, and either use the money to help yourself or pay it forward.  Yes, these scavenger hunts are fun in most cities, but Alabama is a poor state, and if you hide cash somewhere and announce you have done so, prepare for the masses, because if it’s only $20, or $200, people will want to find that money.  I hope security will be increased for this Hidden Cash event in Montgomery, and if you are going to participate in this Hidden Cash promotion from the Montgomery Biscuits, good luck to you!  You are going to need it!

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Vote Montgomery In The USA Today Best Historic City Contest


Did you know that the Alabama capital, Montgomery is currently in a contest to be named America’s top historic city?  USA Today and 10Best are running a contest where readers vote for their favorite destinations, like favorite golf destination, best European country, best bucket list sports event, and more!  In this voting contest called America’s Best Historic City, Montgomery is in the running to be named for this great honor.  Along with Montgomery, other cities in the running includes:

  • Annapolis, MD
  • Boston, MA
  • Charleston, SC
  • Charlottesville, VA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Denver, CO
  • Honolulu, HI
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Montgomery, AL
  • New Orleans, LA
  • New York, NY
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • San Antonio, TX
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Santa Fe, NM
  • Savannah, GA
  • St. Augustine, FL
  • St. Louis, MO
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Williamsburg, VA

USA Today explains: “The USA has a rich and exciting history: visiting the places which most affected it is so much more fun than reading about it.  Because we could only have 20 nominees, it pained us to leave out some worthy contenders (Galveston, Concord, Memphis, Virginia City and Detroit among them). We also left out unincorporated cities which had historical significance (and sometimes larger populations) back in the day, like Lincoln, New Mexico, site of the Lincoln County Wars, or Gettysburg, which is a thriving city today but is most visited for the former battleground, now a national military park.”

USA Today and 10Best said some good things about Montgomery when people want to vote for the city.  They said:

“In 1819, two small settlements of cotton plantations merged together to form the town of Montgomery. During the Civil War, Montgomery was home of the First White House of the Confederacy, where Jefferson Davis and his family lived, but its most important historical contributions came during the Civil Rights movement as the site of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The city also had the first electric street car system, and the first flight school set up by the Wright Brothers.”

Voting is open until Monday April 28th at 12 pm Eastern.  You can vote once every 24 hours and you do not have to share your e-mail address or social media accounts to vote!  As of April 16th, Montgomery has the lead!


To vote for Montgomery, go to:, scroll down and click on Montgomery, and click on vote, that’s it!  Let’s vote and push Montgomery being named America’s best historic city!

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The 2014 Alabama Legislature Has A Explosive Ending


My only question is, what happened to the Alabama Legislature that caused it to go down into flames.  The legislature was signing Kumbaya and actually passed Carly’s Law to allow UAB to do a study featuring oil from Marijuana.  It looked like things were still going great down in Montgomery, until the last day that is.  What caused the legislative session to go down in flames was over the Education Budget.  Governor Bentley wanted to give all education employees a 2% pay raise, which is well deserved.  Because teachers have gone through a lot!  From staying at school overnight with kids during the snowstorm, sponsoring a club before or after school hours, buying supplies out of their own money, and more!  They deserve as much pay as possible!

The Legislature did have some good bills they were working on passing.  Like reforming the Open Meetings Act, creating a database to enforce a debt limit on payday loans, keeping secret the suppliers of lethal injection drugs, keeping low-cost spay and neuter clinics from being closed down, and more.  The Alabama Legislature did pass some things, like more restrictive abortion measures, and selling the legislature to the highest “conservative” bidder.  And did someone from the Alabama Legislature plead guilty and agree to cooperate with the police?  I am willing to bet we will see some legislators arrested for corruption soon.  And with more legislators getting in trouble with the law, it will continue the embarrassment that is the Alabama Government.

What happened on Thursday night was weird.  The governor wanted to include a 2% percent pay raise for teachers and other education employees.  The House just passed the Education Budget and sent it off to the governor, but it was not good enough.  The Governor sent a pay raise amendment to the Senate, and once Del Marsh got word that the amendment was heading towards the Senate, Marsh moved to end the session, while other important bills were still in play.  The important part in this was the House was already done, so if the bill included a pay raise, it could not pass both houses.  Del Marsh blamed the governor for ending the session, and talked about what the legislature accomplished this session.  Hey, the legislature kept the court system in shambles and left the prison system in shambles and at risk for a government takeover, how nice!

The only thing education employees got was a small raise to only cover increased insurance costs.  And now with the Legislative session over, for now.  Lawmakers are off onto the campaign trail blaming President Obama for the troubles the state and country is in.  Instead of blaming themselves for the corrupt government in Alabama, they are going to blame Democrats running the Federal Government, is that right?  Here is what I think really happened.  Marsh and Hubbard did not want to vote on the 2% pay raise for teachers, so they took the easy way out and ended the session before the bill reached the floor.  If I was Governor Bentley, I would veto the Education Budget, and declare a special session!  I want to see how the Alabama Legislature would vote on a pay increase for teachers!

All of this is only going to give ammo to Del Marsh’s opponent in the Republican primary in June.  Steven Guede is running against Del Marsh in the Alabama Senate District 12 primary.  And the winner of this race will pretty much win the Senate seat, since a Democrat would never win here in Anniston.  Del Marsh got a target on his back after he refused to put up an anti Common Core bill during the session.  Now, every education employee has a target on Marsh’s back.  People who also supported low-cost spay and neuter clinics, setting up a payday loan database, and closing loopholes in Alabama’s Open Meetings Act also have a target on Marsh’s back.

Hey Del Marsh, instead of worrying about how Republicans should continue to ruin state government, why not worry about the welfare of you own district, which includes Anniston/Oxford.  If you have not watched the news lately, Anniston/Oxford has been getting body slammed with bad news.  For example, according to the Milken Institute and the list of 179 small metro areas, the Anniston / Oxford area is the second worst performing small metro area in America for 2013.  Also, according to population estimates from the US Census Bureau, Anniston/Oxford has been the 16th fasting shrinking metro in the nation since 2010.  Meaning, the metro area saw more deaths than births in 2013.  From 2010-2013, the Anniston/Oxford metro has loss close to 2,000 people, mostly cause there are no job opportunities here.

I can totally see this happen, because Governor Bentley is angry at Del Marsh and Mike Hubbard.  Have a company interested in moving or expanding in Alabama?  The governor can simply choose to ignore the Anniston/Oxford area as political payback.  And I would not blame him if he decided to do that.  For Steven Guede, who is running against Del Marsh, I think I just gave you some great ammo to use in your campaign.  Del Marsh is already running some campaign ads here in Anniston on Cable One.  And I don’t blame him, because he is going to have a lot of people against him in the upcoming election.  It will be interesting to see if Del Marsh survives the upcoming election.

Learn more about Steven Guede at:

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Three Bills The 2014 Alabama Legislature Needs To Deal With


2014 has been a quiet year for the Alabama Legislature down in Montgomery.  Even though not much controversial is coming out of Goat Hill, there are a couple of bills that I want to talk about.  These are bills I want to see either passed or avoided.

HB 141 – The Spay/Neuter Clinic Protection Bill

This bill to keep the low-cost spay and neuter clinics open passed a major hurdle this week when the bill passed the Senate Health Committee by a 8-4 vote.  One of the members that voted no was Sen. Gerald Dial from Clay County, I thought you knew about the huge animal abandonment problem in Alabama?  By the way, thank you Sen. Del Marsh for voting yes!  So now, the bill will go to the Senate floor, and if it passes there, it goes to the governor, where he will sign it, I hope.

The problem about the Alabama Senate, is there are some members who will do anything possible to make sure this bill does not pass.  Sen. Paul Bussman from Cullman, has taken money from several veterinarians and members from the Alabama Veterinary Practice Owners Association to force the four low-cost spay and neuter clinics to close.  Is Sen. Bussman also opposed to ending gas chambers and animals being killed off because of the severe overpopulation problem?  Here are the facts, Alabama has a huge animal overpopulation problem.  These four low-cost spay and neuter clinics must stay open!  Being the animal lover that I am, it sickens me to see some legislators who wants to do anything to be greedy.

Over 100,000 animals are put down each year in Alabama simply because there are too many of them.  There should be no filibusters, harsh amendments, or other methods to kill this smart bill for Alabama.  Everyone needs to contact their state Senators and tell them to vote yes on HB 141, Alabama does not need to be known as the state that ignores their pets and animals, that would be bad for our state image.  Hopefully Sen Del Marsh, who knows about Geek Alabama, will force HB 141 down onto the floor for a yes or no vote!  Look at this image of me and a dog and cat below, do you care about them?


SB 174 – Carly’s Law

Marijuana or cannabis, is becoming more open in our society.  Some states like Colorado and Washington have now legalized the plant, and as you can see, the states are seeing record tax revenues.  In Alabama, all forms of marijuana are still illegal, but for how long, just like the gay marriage debate, I think Alabama will soon allow the recreational use of marijuana, but right now, some people must have cannabis to stay healthy!  Several children in Alabama suffers from severe neurological disorders and seizures.  And they must have a form of cannabis to stay healthy and survive.

The bill would legalize in Alabama an oil derived from marijuana, cannabidiol, that is believed to help some children with seizure disorders.  That’s it!  There is no legalization of marijuana or pot for general use.  This bill only allows the ones who suffer to get the treatment they need, it’s like a prescription drug.  For children who uses cannabidiol medication to treat neurological disorders like epilepsy and seizures, they are going months without any problems!  But in Alabama, cannabidiol medication is illegal, and for some families.  They are going to other states such as Colorado so their kids can have the treatment they need.

Some politicians are afraid of voting yes to Carly’s Law because of re-election.  Seriously, you think opponents are going to attack you because you voted yes for a form of marijuana to help kids that has no street value?  This is a basic human rights issue!  I hope the Alabama Legislature will have the smarts to vote yes on SB 174!  Learn more about the fight for Carly’s Law at:

SB 443 – Common Core Opt-Out Provision

Sen. Scott Beason is trying to do anything possible to kill the Common Core curriculum for math and English in Alabama.  The Alabama College and Career Ready Standards are helping many students get ready for the real world after they graduate from high school.  Instead, some Tea Partiers and right-wing people are doing anything possible to dumb down Alabama.  The standards are endorsed by many businesses, education groups, and civic organizations in the state.  Before the standards for math and English took effect in 2010, 28% of students graduating from high school were not prepared for math and English in college.  That’s from the American Diploma Project.

Now, since Scott Beason is tired of seeing every attempt to derail the progress in Alabama  fail by killing off the Common Core standards.  Beason wants to change how Alabama chooses their state superintendent by letting the people vote for the state superintendent.  Currently, Tommy Bice from Alexander City is the state superintendent, and full disclosure, Tommy Bice knows me Nathan Young very well and I think he is doing a great job making schools in Alabama better!  I don’t think changing the way Alabama picks a state superintendent is going to derail the progress in our schools by making our standards dumber.  Unless we have misinformed people in Alabama, which I am afraid our state has.

SB 443 would create a chaotic patchwork of education standards and derail the state school system’s school accountability programs.  If a child moves to a different school system in Alabama with different standards, it is going to mess them up.  SB 443 is just a disguise to end the progress in Alabama schools.  If this bill passes, I will feel bad for the members of the local school boards, as they are going to be bombarded with calls, letters, and e-mails telling them to end Common Core standards, and make our kids dumber.  Do these Tea Party people have anything better to do?

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