Catch Episode Nine Of The New Screen Savers


Episode 9 of The New Screen Savers is here!  Leo Laporte is on vacation so you get to see Fr. Robert Ballecer and Robert Heron talk about a Drone Kit teaching robotics to kids, High Dynamic Range TV sets, For The Love of Spock Kickstarter campaign, and a lot more, enjoy!

Catch Episode Eight Of The New Screen Savers


Episode 8 of The New Screen Savers is here!  Host Leo Laporte is joined by guest host Sarah Lane.  This week they talk about E3 with Jeff Gertsmann, Catherine Hall shows them how to take a portrait, Trey Ratcliff shows you the latest Sony cameras, and you get a peek inside your cat’s guts.  And you also get an interview with the original producer of The Screen Savers Paul Block.  Enjoy!

Catch Episode Seven Of The New Screen Savers


This post features episode seven of The New Screen Savers!  This episode features Patrick Norton as guest host.  And this episode covers the recent Apple conference WWDC, ways to supercharge your Wi-Fi signal, how to become a Photoshop expert in 5 minutes, and you also get to see guests Jim Dalrymple, and Bert Monroy.  Enjoy the episode!

Catch Episode Six Of The New Screen Savers


Episode six of The New Screen Savers is here!  This week, Leo Laporte is joined by guest host Roger Chang and the show dives into more of the Raspberry Pi with the Raspberry Pi Evangelist.  You can also learn more about how to partition your drive for the upcoming Windows 10, how using virtual reality in the classroom is really cool, learn about the Pursuit Horizon project, and plenty of great tech and geek help, enjoy!

Catch Episode Five Of The New Screen Savers


On episode 5 of The New Screen Savers, Leo Laporte is joined by guest host Mike Elgan, and you get to see highlights of Google’s I/O.  Photographer Trey Ratcliff comes and talks about The Arcanum and photography with voice over actor Jim Cutler.  And you get to see what the Kickstarter project called Cubit is all about!