Good News Fridays: Pig The Unusual Dog

Geek Alabama Good News Fridays

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but one dog is very different, and is from Alabama!  Pig The Unusual Dog is a female mixed-breed dog born with the birth defect “short spine syndrome.”  Even with the disability, this dog still does average things any other dog would do.

Kim Dillenbeck from Shelby County found Pig in the woods while visiting relatives in Georgia last Christmas.  Kim went to see Pig and bonded with the dog quickly.  Instead of the vet saying that Pig should be put down, Pig was brought back home to Alabama, and has become a local celebrity.


Pig has no neck and is missing parts of her spine and ribs, and she hops like a frog to stand up.  Pig has vertebrae that are fused and twisted and her spinal cord splits into two separate cords.  Plus Pig’s hips and joints are rotated in the wrong positions.  Pig is still growing and gaining weight, she weighs around 15 pounds now, and she could gain about another 20 pounds.

Pig The Unusual Dog even has a Facebook page, and as of July 25th, has close to 70,000 likes!  Pig has been out at various events around the Birmingham Metro and has become an inspiration to many.  Because of Pig, Kim’s life has changed, and has started a foundation called Pig’s Foundation, which is intended to help raise funds for individuals who rescue as well as established rescues. Some individuals need a little more help while fostering homeless animals that a rescue simply cannot afford.  Pig’s Foundation believes that if they can help develop and educate good fosters, more homeless animals can stay off the streets and out of shelters.

Also, so many rescues want to do more than they can afford to do, either due to lack of funds or lack of fosters. Sometimes, rescues must just say “no” to animals that need more medical attention than the rescue can afford, and Pig’s Foundation wants to help change that.  If you want to donate to Pig’s Foundation, click here!


Pig The Unusual Dog is a huge inspiration, and I hope Pig lives a long and happy life!  Learn more about Pig The Unusual Dog at:  Enjoy some other great videos featuring this dog!


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The Evening Post: A Dog Is Able To See Again

Geek Alabama Evening Post

How about something cute to wrap up your Friday?  Duffy, a Irish Terrier rescue dog has had many problems over the years with his health, including losing his eyesight after suffering from diabetes.  But thanks to the folks at the Veterinary Referral Center in Malvern, Pennsylvania, Duffy had cataract surgery and is able to see clearly again.  The video is when Duffy is reunited with his family, and the video is very touching!  Enjoy the great video!

The Evening Post: Big Bang Dog

Geek Alabama Evening Post

Tonight, I wanted to feature this great animated video!  The Vimeo channel  created Big Bang Dog.  It’s a video featuring a dog going across several different scenes, with a bunch of colors in a wide variety!  It’s basically one big colorful voyage, enjoy!

The Evening Post: Stinkin’ Dog Treats From Alton Brown

Geek Alabama Evening Post

Admit it, Alton Brown has a very cute dog named Sparky!  In this recipe video below, Alton Brown reveals why dogs are addicted to a cat’s litter box, and you get to see how Alton makes some Stinkin’ dog treats that are so good and smelly, Alton tries one himself!  Don’t forget to watch the funny ending!

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Crowdsourcing Mornings: These Students Deserve This Kids Dog Book

Geek Alabama Crowdsourcing Mornings

This is Crowdsourcing Mornings!  This post takes place every weekday morning and highlights one crowdsourcing project I liked from Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or other crowdsourcing websites.

This post is featuring a project from someone who contacted me online!  Lisa and Michael Cohn are award-winning mom-son authors (Lisa, and Michael, age 5) inspired by kids globally. Why? They’ve given them ideas for and expressed lots of enthusiasm about their next kids’ dog book.  What’s more, they’re big dog lovers, like they are.  With $4,000, they’ll self-publish their next book, include in the acknowledgements the names of the kids across the globe who’ve given them ideas (via Skype).  And they’ll ensure the kids’ classes get a copy of the book, when published.  If there’s any money left over, they’ll use it to promote the book and ensure these kids’ ideas and love of dogs gain a broader audience.


They wrote their first book, “Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence” to help them overcome the grief of losing their dog, Lucy, and to help teach kids about the magical connection between kids and dogs.  It won a Mom’s Choice Silver Award and was named Finalist, 2013 USA Best Book Awards.  In addition, they shared their story with the press.  Michael, our co-author, was featured on the Today Show for his love of books and his role in writing their book.  After their book was published, they began sharing their story with students globally via Skype in the classroom and teaching them how to self-publish a book.  At the end of each class, they asked students for ideas for their next kids’ dog book.

Students and teachers tell them they love this part of their lesson, especially when Michael is present to brainstorm with the kids.  They never expected the death of their dog to take them on such an adventure.  They want to thank the kids who’ve given so much to them and give them a voice in their next book.  As of April 25th, this project has raised around $2,459 of their $4,000 goal. This project only has 12 days left to raise the $4,000 or it will not be funded!  For a pledge of $12, you will get “Bash and Lucy” Book Two shipped to you plus pdf of “Bash and Lucy” Book One.  For a pledge of $20, either you or your child receives a one-on-one writing, publishing and brainstorming lesson with Lisa and Michael, award-winning authors!  Plus you will be thanked in the book, along with others who have contributed ideas.  To learn more and to pledge money, go to:

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