Good News Fridays: The Shelter Pups / Charity Animal Television

Geek Alabama Good News Fridays

This week on Good News Fridays, let’s talk about two great chances to buy or watch something, and help animals in need!

The Shelter Pups


The Shelter Pups is an online store selling animal toys.  The story begins with Theodora, who is an animal lover and began collecting stuffed dog toys.  Theodora also likes to use her money to buy dog food for her local animal shelter.  Many of her Saturday mornings are spent bringing the food to the shelter and visiting the shelter dogs.  One particular Saturday Theodora said, “Think of all the dog food we could buy for the shelter if we made and sold toy dogs that looked more like real dogs!”  The parents tried to explain things like “profit margins” and “overhead” to Theodora, but that only fueled her fire. To Theodora, profits meant only one thing: more dog food for real dogs.

The family began by making a few stuffed animals that looked more like the dogs they liked.  They looked at overseas factories but did not like how the factories overseas  are crowded and the workers work very long hours and make very little money. They also did not like the idea that the stuffed animals were made with lots of harsh, dangerous chemicals.  So the stuffed animals made by The Shelter Pups are made in America, and with natural fiber known as wool.  Today, Shelter Pups are made completely in America. Each precious pup is created by hand. Skilled American artists magically combine pure wool, fresh water, and natural olive oil soap to create each Shelter Pup.  Each is one-of-a-kind and no two are ever alike.  Absolutely no harsh chemicals or flame retardants are used because wool is a perfect, natural flame retardant.


Each purchase from The Shelter Pups helps out dogs in animal shelters as well.  Some shelter dogs are a little bit rough around the edges.  Maybe even oddballs.  But they are all loyal, loving, and fun companions.  They are committed to helping these dogs receive quality care while waiting for their “forever homes”.  Each Shelter Pup sold comes with rescue points, and they are worth real money. They are not talking about a measly 1% of profits.  Each Rescue Point is randomly assigned a value anywhere between $1 and $10 per Pup!  That means you could donate over 25% of your purchase price to shelter dogs.

This is a great program, and anyone would enjoy getting a handmade toy and knowing they are helping animal shelters around the country!  To learn more about The Shelter Pups and to purchase a toy, go to:

Charity Animal Television


How many of you like watching cute animal videos on YouTube, I do!  Someone got the great idea of creating several great and cute animal videos and uploaded them to YouTube.  Here is the great part, all of the ad revenue generated from the videos uploaded will go to an animal specific charity, welcome to Charity Animal Television!

Charity Animal Television is a YouTube channel where proceeds from ad revenue are donated to 501c3 non-profit organizations.  Just by watching their videos, you are helping organizations do real world good.  Their mission is to build a massive subscriber base dedicated to watching cute animals in order to help make the world a better place. So, don’t forget to subscribe to their channel and be a part of the movement!  With enough people, they can start generating enough money to make a real difference.

100% of the net ad revenue generated from the video above will be donated to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals,  This channel has plans for more animal videos, they just want you to watch and share!  If you want to learn more about this venture, go to:

Subscribe to the YouTube channel at:

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The Evening Post: Gone To The Snow Dogs Crosses The 50K Subscriber Mark

Geek Alabama Evening Post

One of my favorite YouTube channels, Gone to the Snow Dogs, has crossed a major YouTube milestone by getting more than 50,000 people to subscribe to their account!  Gone to the Snow Dogs documents the lives of Shelby, Oakley, and Memphis in their everyday lives.  And these three Siberian Huskies and Angel Shiloh, provides people with a smile three days a week!  Here is their video encouraging people to tell others to subscribe!

Also, tomorrow is Memphis first birthday!  One year ago on April 5th, Memphis was born.  And she is growing to become a fine Siberian Husky.  One of her parents even won best breed in the Westminster Dog Show this year!  So happy birthday Memphis, and to see many more videos, go to:

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The Evening Post: American Beagle Outfitters Dogumentary

Geek Alabama Evening Post

With April 1st (aka April Fools Day) just around the corner, American Eagle Outfitters have come out with a video that might be their April Fools joke this year, but nobody knows that part quite yet.  The dogumentary, as AE has dubbed it, introduces the thought process behind its new line, which creators call next level and beach meets street.  They go on to say they’ve created 10-15 looks for the dogs which match back to American Eagle’s brand DNA.  For now, you can go to their website to have a look at their looks for dogs.  We will see next week if this is real or not.  See the website by clicking here.  Enjoy the video!

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Animation Monday: Mr. Peabody And Sherman

Geek Alabama Animation

In the trend to reboot every classic franchise, Dreamworks Animation has rebooted the classic shorts from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show called Mr. Peabody and Sherman.  And yes, I do remember watching those classic shorts on Nickelodeon back in the day.  Today, the only way to watch some of those shorts are mostly on YouTube.  Here is the original cartoon showing how Mr. Peabody found and adopted Sherman.

In the movie, you do see how Mr. Peabody adopts Sherman, but Sherman is much smaller than in the original cartoon.  Also, the movie depicts Mr. Peabody as a loving father to Sherman.  In the original cartoon, Sherman is treated as an assistant.  And the movie also includes the character of Penny, who at first is your average young girl who wants to be the most popular.  Throughout the movie, Penny sees how much fun you can have using the WABAC machine and learning history.  Later, Penny becomes friends with Mr. Peabody and Sherman and I totally see a love interest between Sherman and Penny.  Two geeks/nerds falling in love, how sweet!

As for the two main characters, they did not stray too much from the original cartoon.  Mr. Peabody is one very smart dog!  But he is a dog, and at times, this comes to Sherman’s advantage.  Like playing fetch with a ball or giving a belly rub to Mr. Peabody.  And seeing Mr. Peabody having a hard time eating peanut butter since he is a dog.  One thing the movie touched on was how Mr. Sherman was pretty much ignored and abandoned as a puppy.  Some people have gone through things like this, and the movie gives these people a very good lesson, never give up!  Mr. Peabody goes on to master business magnate, be a inventor, scientist, Nobel laureate, gourmand, musician, and two-time Olympic medalist.  He is the smartest life form on the planet!

I thought Sherman was an adorable child.  Sherman has the passion to learn everything and really loves his adopted father, even though he is a dog.  Mr. Peabody goes on to teach Sherman all about history using a time machine called the WABAC, traveling to some of the most influential epochs of human history.  But Sherman has to go to school, just like every child has to do.  Sherman kind of showed off all the other students in that history class.  And this made Penny upset, since Sherman was the new kid, Penny begins to bully him and even called Sherman a dog.  And many geeks/nerds knows what it feels like to be bullied.  But you also don’t see anyone doing this next, biting Penny.

Mr. Peabody is warned Sherman could be taken away if his home is not fit to raise a child.  And after meeting Penny’s parents, Sherman wants to make up for biting Penny and to impress her.  Sherman and Penny use the WABAC and goes to Ancient Egypt, Penny loves this place, and Mr. Peabody and Sherman have trouble convincing Penny to come back home, and not marrying King Tut only to be killed off, here is a clip of the moment.

You also get to see some great moments from Renaissance Florence where the duo meets Leonardo da Vinci to recharge the time machine.  And Sherman and Penny tries Leonardo’s flying machine without permission, there’s a love interest brewing!  After the WABAC gets around a black hole the machine crash lands in the Trojan War, and Sherman runs away to join the army of King Agamemnon.  When Mr. Peabody and Penny come to retrieve him, they are swept into the final sacking of Troy as the Trojan Horse.  This is important because Mr. Peabody tells Sherman before crashing that he is at risk of being taken away by Children’s Services.  What would most kids do if they learn they could be taken away from their family?  Yeah, mostly anyone would have run away and be upset like Sherman was.


The last parts of the movie features the group repairing the time-space continuum, all while Mr. Peabody’s home is declared unfit for Sherman, and animal control is called out to have Peabody destroyed as a dangerous animal, wow did things get out of hand quickly!  You see two versions of Mr. Peabody and Sherman, and Mr. Peabody finally acting like a dog and biting the person trying to take away his adopted son.  When everything is hitting the fan, you see a very sweet moment, where historical figures, Penny and her parents, and US Presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Bill Clinton declares their support for Peabody’s legal custody of Sherman.  After Sherman speaks up to support his adopted father.

The WABAC is used to repair the damage, and Mr. Peabody and Sherman are closer than ever in a happy life with Penny a close friend.  And I totally see Sherman and Penny dating each other when they get to their teenager years, watch out Mr. Peabody, teenagers are totally different from young kids!  The animation is great and up to par from classic Dreamworks animated films.  The film is also extremely funny and filled with historical puns and fun facts.  Kids will actually walk away from the film having learned one or two things about history, which is an added bonus.  The movie earned around $32.5 million on its opening weekend, which is worrying because the movie costed around $140 million to make.  I wonder if this movie would have done better if it was released later this year to not compete with The Lego Movie?


This movie will also pull the heartstrings of animal lovers everywhere!  And for adopted families, this is a good movie to see!  I hope Dreamworks will continue the Mr. Peabody and Sherman franchise.  Maybe this franchise would do better on TV than in the movies.  Because some people have commented that they felted like this movie was three 30 minute shows crammed into a movie.  Hey, if How To Train Your Dragon can have a show on Cartoon Network, Mr. Peabody and Sherman can be on TV too!  Next up for Dreamworks Animation is How To Train Your Dragon 2 coming out this Summer, I want to see that movie!

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The Evening Post: Find CeCe The Boxer A Home

Geek Alabama Evening Post

I was contacted on Facebook by Judy Baer Kim from Huntsville who is trying to find a dog a home.  This is her story of CeCe the Boxer.


Hi, I’m (still) looking for a good home for Cecelia Elizabeth (CeCe ‘Lizbeth), but you can call her Cece . She’s a 20 month old boxer-pitbull beauty we adopted from the pound a few months ago.  She’s a wonderful, smart, loving dog, but she does not get along well with other animals (we have other animals).  This is the only reason we are looking for a better home for her.  We have grown to love her, and do not want to take her back to the pound.  I have contacted rescue groups but because she doesn’t get along with other pets, they can’t take her.  Would you please share this?  I am hoping someone will open their heart and home to her soon.  We are in Huntsville, AL but are willing to travel for the right home for our CeCe. Thank You!


This family is looking for a good home for CeCe, if you can give this dog a home or if you know of someone that might be able to give this dog a home, contact Judy Baer Kim at 256-883-9865 or by e-mail at: