Crowdsourcing Mornings: PetBot: Smartphone For Pets

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This is Crowdsourcing Mornings! This post takes place every weekday morning and highlights one crowdsourcing project I liked from Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or other crowdsourcing websites.

Pet owners find it difficult to be with their pets at all times. While owners are out of the house they cannot interact or engage with their pet. Even with a simple webcam, there is no way of ensuring that something is happening with your pet when you check in. Imagine if there was a way for your pet to check in with you instead!  PetBot is the first smart device that lets your pet send you a selfie and allows you to engage with your pet remotely. It captures pet moments at the right time and shares these moments with you when you want them. PetBot is the only product that uses “petificial intelligence” to detect, record, share and notify you when your pet is active. PetBot is for all pets and has been successfully trialed with dogs, cats, and even a rabbit!

Busy professionals and families often find that they have no meaningful way to interact with and care for their pets while they are away. PetBot was born in 2013 with the vision to improve the quality of life of pets in homes and in shelters around the world.  Their co-founders have years of pet training, pet care and technical experience including the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence that have been used to test the effectiveness of drugs on cancer. This technology has been included into PetBot to inform pet owners when their pets need them. Combined with years of innovation, business and finance experience, their team will provide petificial intelligence to pet owners across the world.


As of September 1st, this project has raised around $7,000 of their $80,000 goal. This project only has 45 days left to raise the $80,000 or it will might be funded!  For a pledge of $189, you will get one PetBot device.  For a pledge of $399, you will get two PetBot devices.  To learn more and to pledge money, go to:

Take A Look At This Video Of Shelter Dogs Making Art


I love this video!  The YouTube channel Procure 1 Amigo did something called a Canismo.  Canismo is one of many movements that is using art to support and promote the adoption of shelter dogs. The dogs featured in the video created 18 unique animal masterpieces.  The artists used an animal friendly and edible paint to coat the dogs, and then the dogs shaked the safe paint onto nearby walls.  The result, shelter dog art!  Enjoy!

The Evening Post: A Quick Georgina And King Tut Video

Geek Alabama Evening Post

Tonight, or on this early morning, I wanted to put out this quick video of Georgina the Dog getting a treat while I love Georgina and King Tut the Cat.  Yes, the dog loved her treat and the cat enjoyed the back scratches, enjoy!

This Video Proves That Animals Have Feelings


UPDATE: According to BuzzFeed and Seattle Dog Spot, it looks like the owner of these dogs is a con artist!  You might want to read these two articles below.

I see plenty of animal videos on the internet.  But this video is definite proof that animals and dogs do know what is going on, and they also have feelings like us humans do.  The video comes from the YouTube channel brettvett1, or Brett Bennett, and it’s a sad video.  The video features Brutus the Rottweiler, who has discovered that his twin brother Rottweiler named Hank has passed away.  Hank passed away during the middle of the night, and as you see in the video below, Brutus does not want to leave Hank’s side.  You can also see the red eyes from Brutus, who was grieving from the loss of Hank.

This video should be proof that animals and dogs have emotions and feelings.  The video was taken 30 minutes after the owner woke up, and discovered the bad news.  Also, the owner is also running a Indiegogo campaign that ends on 11 pm Central on February 1st.  The owner owns a couple of rescue dogs, and they are also homeless. They lost their home in July 2014 and have been homeless ever since. They stay in hotels when they can afford one but mostly live in his Jeep and in the streets.  Due to an injury at work and  getting behind on house payments, Brett and his dogs are living on the streets in Seattle, and he is not a bum, he is just down on his luck.  The Indiegogo campaign is for getting rent money, 1st, last, and pet deposits for a new home!  If you want to help out, go to:

The Evening Post: Mutant Giant Spider Dog

Geek Alabama Evening Post

The YouTube channel SA Wardega did a very funny prank!  They took a small dog, dressed it in a spider costume, and put up some decorations thinking a spider was eating people.  Then they released the spider dog on unexpecting people, and they run for it!  Click play below to see people freaking out on your Friday night!