Hey Anniston, Why Did You Not Give Credit To The Photos I Took


Do you hate it when someone uses your work without the credit?  I am sure anyone would be livid if someone used your work and never gave the credit for it!  Well, I am having to go through this, because the City of Anniston used my photos without permission!  A TV commercial was made for Neewollah on Noble 2015 by Jacbos Media Services.  I gave them permission to use my photos for their TV ad.  But, I learned that instead the city of Anniston gave Jacobs Media Services photos to use in the TV ad.  To view the ad go to the 8:20 mark in this video below.

So, let’s compare the photos in the ad to the photos I have taken here on Geek Alabama.

1stuff 1482stuff 1143stuff 1154stuff 1825stuff 108

As you can see, those photos above look very similar to the TV ad, because they are photos I took!  Come on Anniston, it would have been nice to at least give credit to where these photos are at!  By the way, you can view these photos at:  http://geekalabama.com/2013/10/27/neewollah-on-noble-lobsterfest-2013/

Oh well, I guess I am used to this now, because there are those who don’t take me Nathan Young or Geek Alabama seriously!  Lesson for anyone, give credit before using someone else’s work!

Weekend Planning: Woodstock 5K / UCP Telethon 2015

Geek Alabama Weekend Planning

This weekend in Anniston is very big!  First off, the 2015 Woodstock 5K takes place in Anniston early Saturday morning with the race kicking off at 7:30 am.  The 35th annual Woodstock 5K and Kidstock 1 mile run will feature over 1000 runners running throughout the streets and historic neighborhoods in East Anniston.  Again this year they are proud to host the Road Runners Club of America’s Southern Region 5K Championship. Woodstock is a challenging 5K with world class start/finish lines, their famous up the hill finish on Woodstock Avenue and then a great after-race celebration with food, live music, fellowship, and vendors, in front of Anniston High School.  Learn more about the Woodstock 5K at:  http://www.annistonrunners.com/woodstock5k/

Enjoy a video from the 2014 edition!

Also this weekend is the 2015 UCP Telethon!  The 57th Annual UCP Telethon will be held on Saturday, August 1st, from 6 pm – 10 pm, and Sunday, August 2nd, from noon – 6 pm at the Anniston Meeting Center.  Don’t miss all the fun and excitement! Join them at the meeting center for their annual silent auction with some fabulous items to be auctioned. Also, they will have some great talent on-stage and great food from local restaurants at the concession stand. If you are looking for family fun and entertainment, this event is for you. The great thing about it is, all proceeds from this event will help sponsor therapeutic services and programs for children and adults with developmental disabilities in the community!

Watch the livestream of the 2015 telethon, and learn more about the UCP of East Alabama at: http://www.ecaucp.org/

Anniston Alabama Christmas Parade 2014

Picture1sfvbsf Christmas 2014

Lots of people came out to the 2014 Anniston Christmas Parade last night.  The parade took place in downtown Anniston along Noble Street.  Over 100 entries and floats were in this parade, and it made for a great and long parade with some entertaining floats and people!  Below, is a video of the Christmas parade featuring the Anniston’s band great dance moves and the Saks band Christmas music, along with Santa Claus.  Of course, there are plenty of pictures too, enjoy!

Neewollah on Noble 2014 Edition


Last weekend, the 2014 edition of Neewollah On Noble took place in downtown Anniston.  People came out, some wearing their Halloween costumes, and I thought everyone had a good time!  Below, are pictures from the event.  Pictures includes pumpkin decorating, the dunking booth, kids games, horse carriages, and more!  The event was put on by the Spirit of Anniston, enjoy!

Anniston / Oxford, The Problems Needs To Come To A End


Anniston, Anniston, Anniston, why do you keep shooting yourself in the foot?  Since city officials including the mayor Vaughn Stewart and the city council knows me, because I endorsed them when they ran, I am going to talk about some problems.  I hope you listen, because seeing Anniston being rundown is getting old, and embarrassing!  Before I get started, I invite you to read my presentation called “How To Turn The Anniston / Oxford Area Around.”  I also invite you to see my “The Problems In East / Northeast Alabama” infographic.  It should not take a genius to figure out that Anniston / Oxford is in deep trouble.

Anniston, I have been documenting troubles in this town for a while now.  Since I have been unemployed for over three years, and have been rejected over 1,200 times.  I feel like I have document the troubles in this metro area, because I know there are other people who have been unemployed for a long time in this area too.  And me and many other people are getting tired of seeing this metro area being one of the worst in America, it should not be like this!

For example, I have been documenting stray dogs running around in the area.  And for a metro area this size, there should be animal control!

And I have also been documenting the multiple small businesses in Anniston and Oxford that have closed down.  It is unacceptable to see this many businesses close down, and it’s not all Obama’s fault.

I have also been documenting the road problems in Anniston.  From broken sensors at traffic lights that has taken two years to get fixed.  To one of the worst re-paint jobs on a local city street.  People perceive that Anniston and Oxford are lazy.  So if we are lazy, who would want to move here?

road 008road 081road 126

I even parodied the problems in Anniston / Oxford with my parody music video called “Kryptonite Is My Weakness.”  Take a look!

So my question to people who lead in Anniston, Oxford, Calhoun County, and other places in this area, is this?  Why are we one of the worst metro areas in America?  Why do we have one of the worst unemployment rates in America?  Why do we have a sizable homeless population who have given up hope?  Why are businesses closing down left and right?  And why are businesses avoiding this area and instead going to Birmingham and Atlanta?  We have seen multiple businesses from Atlanta or Birmingham skip this area, and go further down the road.

And while Anniston is cutting back and laying off some people, why is the city hiring just two people, who makes more than most city employees?  Just this week, they announced a new policy where employees can not talk to the media like me, without first talking to a city head?  This sounds like the city is trying to hide something?  I know the public information officer who was hired by the city says it is something different.  But if the general public can talk to any city employee about anything, but has to keep quiet to people who work at the Anniston Star, TV 24, Geek Alabama, and other media places, I feel like this is censorship, and many other people agree with me.

I feel like Anniston, Oxford, Calhoun County, and other cities, needs to quit the backroom deals, quit the arguing, quit the laziness, quit the “good ole boy” system, and get up and do something!  Jobs and economic growth is not going to just come to you, you need to get out there and recruit, which takes money.  Here’s an idea, how about you abandon plans to spend money adding bike lanes, and instead take that money to go out and recruit, that would be a great move!

Mostly all places here in Anniston from the local TV station, small businesses, organizations, and other places, continues to want me to help them out, promote their business or events, or do something good for them, without getting any pay.  In most other places in America, I would have gotten some payment to pay for gas and other expenses.  But some people here in Anniston / Oxford wants to be lazy.  Here is something to consider, the only type of business doing well in this area is the car dealerships.  Most of the commercials on radio and TV, plus the online ads you see in the Anniston Star, are mostly car ads.  If the car dealerships were not attracting people from Atlanta and Birmingham, every TV and radio station would be greatly reduced!

Next stop for me, Birmingham?

A photo posted by Nathan Young (Geek Alabama) (@nvyoung44) on

It sounds like the only move left for me is to leave Anniston and Calhoun County for good.  Many folks from people who follow me on social media, fellow bloggers, and others have told me that I need to leave.  In fact, I have more supporters in Atlanta and Birmingham, than what I have in Anniston / Oxford.  I have been stabbed in the back too many times from people here in Anniston / Oxford, it may be time to ride into the sunset.  But I will not leave until I find something, that is for sure.  I did the move out into a better economy before, only to get burned.  So, the people who say I need to move to North Dakota, it won’t happen until I land a job, and a place to live.  Thanks for reading this Friday night rant, peace!