Sunday Discussion: There Is Something Rotten In The Copenhagen Zoo

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I really do not know what is going on over at the Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark, but killing numerous perfectly healthy animals for no reason is extremely rotten.  A few weeks ago, a healthy giraffe named Marius was killed to avoid inbreeding, really?  The most disturbing part was the giraffe’s carcass was dismembered in front of people visiting the zoo including small kids.  Way to go scaring the kids for life Copenhagen Zoo!  Then the carcass from the giraffe was fed to the lions.  Here is a great story about this, the video does contain some images of the dead giraffe.

First off, why were school children watching the giraffe being cut up?  I think that is way too cruel and it will give those kids some nightmares.  Yes, zoos have to sometimes put an animal down because of health problems, it happens all the time.  But if an animal has to be put down, it should be away from the public!  In nature, other animals does kill an animal for food, I see this on TV all the time.  But you don’t show images like that to small kids, that is wrong!  Two, some zoos were wanting to adopt the giraffe, but the zoo still killed the giraffe.  Seriously, in the video above, the zoo director said the giraffe autopsy and cutting it up in front of the public was a good thing?  Families go to the zoo to learn about the animals and to look at them, not watch a dead animal being cut up.

And guess what, if killing a perfectly healthy giraffe and feeding it to the lions does not get your blood boiling, the same zoo killed those lions to make way for a new male lion.  What!  Did the zoo not hear the massive public outcry when it killed that giraffe?  The zoo killed four lions just so they can bring in a new lion.  The zoo said two of those were young lions that were not old enough to survive by themselves and would have been killed by the new male lion if it had the chance.  Okay, so then why did the zoo not move these lions to a different area of the zoo?  The other two lions are the youngsters parents and were a very old breeding pair.  Why are they putting down perfectly healthy older animals?  It’s almost like putting down your senior dog or cat because they are too old, even if those pets could still move around and were healthy.  Thankfully, Jack Hanna thinks this is wrong as well!

My thought, If zoos have too many animals, stop breeding them!  Have zoos ever heard of contraception or spaying/neutering?  Many pet owners will spay or neuter their pets to prevent the overpopulation of dogs and cats.  Zoos should not be mating animals to produce more animals that they don’t have room for, that is unethical and wrong!  Some people have called for all zoos to be closed, and I don’t agree with these people.  If all zoos closed tomorrow, where are the animals going to go?  You can not release all of the zoo animals back into the wild, if that happened, it would become a buffet dinner to the wild animals because the zoo animals would have no clue on how to survive in the wild.

If zoos are trapping wild animals just to display them and make money, that needs to stop as well.  Some people have said zoos are only open to make money, and I think that is far from the truth.  Many animals from zoos have been born and raised in a protected environment.  And there are many zoos and wildlife sanctuaries who care about their animals, teach the public about the animals, and would not kill any animals unless they are suffering.  Zoos also helps animals from the wild who are injured and makes sure wild animals recover and they are sent back out into the wild, not kept in a zoo.  If a zoo is only open to make money, they need to be closed down, plain and simple.

The people who run the Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark needs to be fired from their jobs.  You should not kill any animals unless they are suffering, end of story!  If a zoo kills another animal for any other reason other than to end suffering, that zoo needs to be closed down and not allowed to operate.  The Copenhagen Zoo is an exception to the many other zoos and wildlife sanctuaries around the world and here in America who actually care for the animals.  These people at the Copenhagen Zoo have a really bizarre outlook on being the caretakers of exotic animals.  They should not be allowed to care for animals ever again!  And the Copenhagen Zoo needs to be closed down for good, end of story!  Visit the Close Copenhagen Zoo Facebook page at:

Sign petitions to close the Copenhagen Zoo at:

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Good News Fridays: A Dog Named Gucci

Geek Alabama Good News Fridays

For this Good News Fridays post, I wanted to talk about a special Kickstarter project about a special dog here in Alabama who was abused by his owners.  Filmmaker Gorman Bechard wants to talk about Gucci and his impact to the State of Alabama.  But he needs the help from people like you to make the documentary film!  Here is the Kickstarter video!

A Dog Named Gucci is the story of a puppy set on fire and the man who rescued him. Together they changed Alabama’s abuse laws.  At ten weeks old, Gucci was hung by his neck, punched repeatedly, doused with lighter fluid, and set afire.  That should have been the last thing a ten-week old puppy named Gucci would ever experience.  His last contact with humans.  His final moments of life.

But Doug James, standing on his porch nearby, heard the puppy’s cries and ran to help. He scared away the cowardly thugs who had perpetrated this heinous crime, and at the request of Gucci’s 15-year-old runaway owner, took the dog in for the night.  Thus began a 16-year odyssey of devotion and perseverance.

When Gucci was rescued by Doug, it seemed impossible that the badly burned pup would make it through the night.  But Gucci, a Chow-Husky-mix, would live for sixteen years as Doug’s companion.  As Gucci recovered, Doug did everything in his power to see that the dog’s three assailants were punished.  However, the laws in Alabama were not on Gucci’s side.  At worst the guilty would receive slaps on the wrists.  That was not enough in the eyes of Doug James.


From Dogster.

Together with local legislators, and with Gucci always faithfully by his side, Doug would see the “Gucci Bill” passed, changing the laws in Alabama and making domestic animal abuse a felony.  He would witness Gucci go from being a survivor . . . to a rock star.  Gucci’s story captivated the state of Alabama in the mid-90s.  And now, when every other day a new tale of outrageous animal abuse pops up on the news or on Facebook, they are going to make it a story that captivates the world.  They are going to show that one person can make a difference.  Especially when they have a tail-chasing pup by their side.

A Dog Named Gucci is a feature-length documentary that is bringing the amazing story of Gucci and Doug James to life: from that horrible night of abuse, to the numerous operations to repair Gucci’s severely burned eyelids, to the legislation passed in his name to help prevent such a thing from ever happening again.

Gorman Bechard has already interviewed Doug, Gucci’s human companion for all of those sixteen post-trauma years.  They have also interviewed almost everyone else involved with the case: from John Crowder who paid all of Gucci’s vet bills, to the veterinarians who helped Gucci recover, to the investigators who worked the case, to the legislators who helped Doug and Gucci change the virtually non-existent abuse laws in Alabama.


From Dogster.

But beyond Gucci, the film will also examine the bigger picture of domestic animal abuse in America, and the laws in every state. (Think of it as a “Waiting For Superman” about animal abuse.)  They are also choosing six other abuse cases to help them illustrate the problems.  Thus far the stories of Susie from North Carolina, Queenie from Long Island, and Desmond from Connecticut will also be included in the film.

Director Gorman Bechard, co-owner of What Were We Thinking Films, is a lifelong dog lover (if you have any doubt read his eulogy to his dog Kilgore Trout here) who has three feature-length documentaries to his credit.  These include Color Me Obsessed, a film about The Replacements, which Rolling Stone called one of “The Seven Best New Music Documentaries of the Year.”   He has also directed the Archers of Loaf concert film, What Did You Expect? The Archers of Loaf Live At Cat’s Cradle plus films Broken Side of Time, and the documentary Every Everything, the Music, Life & Times of Grant Hart.

The money you donate to A Dog Named Gucci will go towards paying for (among other things): transportation and lodging expenses so they can travel to other parts of the country to film the other subjects they will be including in the film, as well as a few additional Gucci interviews with people who were no longer in Alabama.  Beyond that they will need a sound mix, color correction, and those pesky film festival submission fees.  They are asking for $5000 which is the minimum they need to shoot the additional interviews.  They are finding stories that are leading them to other dogs, rescue groups, hero judges and prosecutors, and human companions across the country.  So the more they raise the more they can broaden the scope of the film.

As of September 20th, this Kickstarter project has raised $2,300 of their $5,000 goal.  And as you know in Kickstarter, a project is not funded unless the fundraising goal is reached.  This project has 9 days left to raise the $5,000 goal or they will not be funded!  For a pledge of $10, you will get an official A Dog Named Gucci vinyl bumper sticker plus updates!  For a pledge of $30, you will get a signed DVD screener of A Dog Named Gucci months before it’s available commercially, plus updates!  There are also many other great pledge levels you can choose from!

To learn more about A Dog Named Gucci and to pledge money, go to:

Learn more about A Dog Named Gucci at:

Read a article from Gorman Bechard about the A Dog Named Gucci film at:



Great Inspirational Videos

There have been some great inspirational videos to show up in the last few days.  These videos should put a smile on anyone’s face!

Britain’s Got Talent

The opera performance by Charlotte and Jonathan blew away the entire audience.  And it has now gone viral all over the world.  Let’s face it.  No one thought these two had any talent in them and the judges were ready to push those buttons.  But first looks should not be judged by anyone.  I do hope these two get very far in the competition.  They are already winners and have great careers ahead.

Fiona the Dog

This video shows rescue workers finding a dog abandoned by someone in southern California.  The people discovered the dog was blind and had a flea infestation.  But the story gets much better.  The dog was taken to the vet and had surgery to have the dog see again in one eye.  The results show one very happy dog!  I do hope whoever abandoned the dog is found and put in jail!

Bike Trails and Roots of Rescue

Coldwater Mountain Bike Trails

This should have a huge impact in the Anniston/Oxford, AL areas.  The International Mountain Bicycling Association‘s Trail Solutions team is helping to help build a bike trail system on Coldwater Mountain.  This system will have 60 miles of trails for all types of abilities.  And it will include other features that will attract many bikers from around the southeast.  This is going to be a great asset for this area.  But let’s dive into this issue.  Anniston is saying they will get lots of tax revenue from the bikers visiting this area.  But this is what I think will happen.

Many bikers will stay in Oxford.  Many bikers will eat in Oxford.  Many bikers will purchase stuff in Oxford.  Oxford is really going to benefit from Coldwater Mountain more than what Anniston is going to benefit from.  There are not many places to eat or shop in Anniston.  What will happen is the bikers on Coldwater Rd. will get to AL 202 then they will turn left and head to Oxford.  Now the city of Anniston can help fix this by cleaning up their city government.  That would help attract new businesses to Anniston instead of going to Oxford.

No doubt this bike trail system is going to have a great impact in this area.  But Oxford is going to benefit the most from the bike trails.  And I hope the bike trails are going to be promoted during the Noble Street Festival and the Cheaha Challenge coming up in April.  I wish that Anniston would also finish the Chief Ladiga Trail by connecting it to downtown Anniston.  That would be a great asset to the Anniston area as well.

For more info. and pictures.  Click on the link.

Roots of Rescue

I love the fundraising website Kickstarter.  I found out about this site after watching a story on NBC.  And the blog Geek Dad even has a section of their favorite Kickstarter projects.  But the Alabama Voters for Responsible Animal Legislation put on their Facebook page  information on a project currently on Kickstarter called Roots of Rescue.  This documentary film to be produced by Joe Olivieri and David Cowardin is going to focus on the animal abuse problem in Alabama.  And yes there is a big problem in this state.

When I worked for Fed Ex I saw this problem first hand.  I delivered to one house in the Guntersville area where there was some dead dogs at the front door.  And the smell was very bad.  I had to walk over the dead dogs and bags of garbage to drop of a package.  This house also had numerous birds; numerous chickens; and some horses.  What makes this worst is there was a family living at the house including a child.  I did report the conditions to the county sheriff.  And the next time I had to deliver a package to that house everything was cleaned up.

I really do care about the well-being of all animals.  And there are other people in Alabama that have the same feelings as I do.  But in Alabama there is also people who do not care about animals at all.  Some of them view animals as money makers.  And they keep animals chained up and exposed to the elements all the time.  Please click on the link below and let’s help expose the animal abuse problem in Alabama.