Animation Monday: Archer Season 6 / The Venture Bros. All This and Gargantua-2

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On this Animation Monday, I am talking about two adult cartoons that you should be a watching!  First off, let’s talk about the sixth season of Archer, that premiered in January on FX.  I first wanted to show off this Archer special video with Conan O’Brien, too funny!

So far, we have seen the ISIS named being rolled away and changed forever.  I mean come on, you knew that was coming!  The spy agency has a new office, and he got to encounter things like a Japanese person who thinks WWII is still going on, how Archer is managing his life with a child, trying to get sensitive computer information, trying to kill an assassin while on a mountain, and getting to see the wedding of Edie.

Sure, Archer had some great magic in the first season.  And the show is still ticking along.  I do find the show trying to do the same overall plots over and over again.  Yes, there is plenty of shooting, violence, nudity, and other adult things.  But, I am struggling to find something new with Archer.  I hope as season 6 goes along, we see something that says “this is why I liked Archer in the first place!”  But for now, I am enjoying the spy stuff in season 6, but how long can Archer go, that is made in Georgia?

Let’s also talk about the recent The Venture Bros. Episode that aired on Adult Swim.  In the episode called All This and Gargantua-2, you saw a ton of action, drama, twists and turns, and characters being killed off.  RIP J.J., the Sovereign, and the Venture compound!  In this extra below posted by Adult Swim, you see the bros. and others at the funeral of Jonas Venture Jr.

I thought the storyline and plots were great, and I can’t wait for season 6 to start off.  If you have not caught the one hour special episode yet, you need to check it out below, before it gets taken down off of YouTube.  This is why The Venture Bros. is one of the best cartoons on Cartoon Network / Adult Swim.

If the above video is taken down, you could always spend the $2.99 to watch the episode below!

Sunday Discussion: Playing With Power And The Bluetooth Power Glove

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Do you remember the Nintendo Power Glove?  It was sold in 1989, but never caught on.  Only around 100,000 gloves were sold, but the games made for the glove were not that good, so the glove never caught on.  Boy, has gaming technology come a long way!  Now, in this short documentary called Playing With Power, you get to see the behind the scenes of the Adult Swim show Robot Chicken.

Dillon Markey is an animator for Robot Chicken.  And he modified a Nintendo Power Glove to work with his animation on the show.  Seriously, the Bluetooth Power Glove has become the most awesome animation tool ever!  And you wonder if someone should bring back the glove so all animators can have an easier job making animated work!  So, enjoy this film from the Vimeo channel , and make this power glove already!

The Evening Post: Tim and Eric’s Totino’s Pizza Rolls Video

Geek Alabama Evening Post

Tonight, I am going to feature another video that people who are stoned should enjoy.  Tim and Eric were brought in by Totino’s Pizza Rolls to create an ad that is interesting, and weird at the same time.  After watching this video, don’t be surprised you are buying  Totino’s Pizza Rolls at the store, enjoy!

Adult Swim’s Too Many Cooks Is Wacky And Funny At The Same Time


So, who was up at 3 am Central on the last week of October?  If you were, and watching Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, you saw this wacky infomercial called Too Many Cooks.  The 11 minute parody was created by Casper Kelly, who writes for other Adult Swim shows like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Squidbillies.  The piece starts off as an innocent opening to any 1980’s sitcom you see on TV.  You know, where all the characters on the TV show introduce themselves, and smile.  But wait, who is that creepy guy appearing in the background?

The parody goes from a sitcom, to something all serial killers love to have, multiple victims to kill.  And there are way too many Cooks in this family!  You see a Roseanne like introduction, a Law and Order type introduction, a Dallas like drama introduction, an animated Gi-Joe type introduction, and this weird transition between a mansion and a bird, then things get wacky.  That serial killer lurking in the background gets active, and starts killing off some Cooks.  I liked how the name of Katie Adkins stays illuminated, and she gets killed.

And what was up with that superhero transformation, and they both get killed too.  Then the intro turns into a serial killer paradise, then into a futuristic show?  Yeah, it keeps getting weirder and weirder, to the point the words in the introductions are the people, and the people are the ones who pop onto the screen, to introduce the word people.  Too bad Smarf the Cat could not stop the madness, or the stoned stuff you were watching on Adult Swim.

Casper Kelly got about 50 tweets when it first aired on Adult Swim, then it went viral.  And Casper is very surprised about this, I am not, this was funny, and very clever at the same time.  Yeah, this infomercial does not make any sense, but this is Adult Swim, where their shows don’t make much sense at all, but it keeps the viewers coming back!  So I say, kudos to Williams Street for making something you will have to watch over and over again.  Here is the Too Many Cooks video from Adult Swim, enjoy it while it’s up on YouTube!

A word to everyone, this video is not for kids!

Animation Monday: TripTank / The Boondocks Season Four

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On this Animation Monday, written on late Tuesday / early Wednesday because of the Alabama severe weather on Monday, I am talking about two new animated shows on TV.  One is brand new while the other started a new season, let’s get started!



TripTank is a new animated series on Comedy Central.  Too bad I can not watch Comedy Central because Cable One has taken away all of the Viacom channels.  And now, if you want to watch most videos on any Viacom website and have Cable One, you get this message.


Anyways, TripTank is an American animated series that premiered in April on Comedy Central.  The show is made up of various sketches, portrayed by multiple animation styles and writers.  Although no correlation can be seen between the different stories, a continued theme of dark satire prevails throughout.  The series uses a variety of animation styles from 2D, stop-motion, CGI, and others to showcase some of the best and brightest in the comedy community.  And this show definitely fits for Comedy Central.  And the show is only for adults, kids should not watch TripTank!

So what do I think of TripTank?  I enjoyed all of the different types of animation presented in the show.  You see a mix of old and new types of animation you have seen on TV and the movies.  I also enjoyed some of the comedy and jokes, there is a lot of adult jokes in this show!  Would I come back and catch every new episode of TripTank each week, probably not.  I find this show as something I would enjoy if nothing good was on TV.  Or if I was bored online, I might play a video from TripTank.  This video below is NSFW.

TripTank is an attempt for Comedy Central to do some adult animations like Adult Swim and FOX already does.  Comedy Central already has some great adult animated shows like South Park, and TripTank is like the classic Nickelodeon and MTV sketch animation shows, remember Kablam and Liquid Television?  The series is made by ShadowMachine which has worked on the popular Robot Chicken on Adult Swim, and that show is made up of short animated sketches all done in a clay animated form.  We will see if TripTank proves to be popular on Comedy Central.  I have enjoyed the show so far, thanks to illegal YouTube full episode uploads because Cable One is horrible!  Learn more about TripTank at:

The Boondocks Season Four


I loved the animated Adult Swim series The Boondocks.  The first three seasons have been great and has also challenged conventional wisdom.  One of the best episodes of the series in my opinion is when Martin Luther King Jr. woke up after being in a coma.  Now, the show is back for its fourth and final season, but without creator Aaron McGruder having worked on season four.  I am glad the show is back for one last season!  I thought the third season was going to be the last, and I did not like seeing the animators and writers taking four years to work on one season.

The difference between the end of season three, and the beginning of season four, is the comedy landscape has changed big time!  The first three seasons of The Boondocks was funny, controversial, parodied our culture, and was talked about by many people.  After watching the first episode of season four, there was some humor, and Uncle Ruckus was funny, but I felted like the show lacked some of its creativity from its first three seasons.  The show was good, even without the original creator being a part of season four.  But many people on social media said the season four premiere was so/so.

So, I will wait and see if the future episodes improve.  Season four is still providing us with humor and parodying the culture we live in.  At least, welcome back The Boondocks.  It will be sad when the series finale airs on Adult Swim this Summer.  Learn more about The Boondocks at:

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